Wednesday, May 6, 2009

eMule 0.49c Al!as 1.1

eMule 0.49c [Al!as 1.1]
modded by pP for

[+] Dynamic Block Requests [Netfinity]
[+] Source Drops
[+] Timed updates for IPFilter
[+] ClientAnalyzer [Wizard]
[+] Mod Preferences
[+] Localized resource strings
[+] Preferences Sidebanner [emf]
[+] Preferences Slidebar [emf]
[~] Full Modstring in Downloadlistctrl
[+] New Modstring columns elsewhere
[+] FunnyNicks [xrmb]
[+] ModIconMapper [Wizard]
[+] IP2Country [EastShare]
[+] Flags on Files (Origin) [Wizard]
[+] ClientSoftIcons
[+] Colored Active Downloads (File-/Username only)
[+] Bold Active Downloads (File-/Username only)
[+] DiffQR with Icons [based on JvA]
[+] Cached ScoreRatios [idea by Wizard]
[+] Own ScoreRatio [vqb]
[-] Official Ratio [please read the next line before banning!!]
[+] Active Ratio [Netfinity]
[+] Download Dutch dll on 1st start
[+] ModLog
[+] Ul/Dl Columns with ratio
[+] Startup flood preventions [Wizard]
[+] AutoHL
[+] SlotControl/SlotSpeedControl
[+] Auto download priorities
[+] Slotfocus in Uploadlist
[+] Friendcontrols in all Clientlists
[+] Winsock v2 Support [Ewombat]
[+] Connchecker [Ewombat/emf]
[+] RMod Connectionstate icons [funnypixel]
[+] SaveLoadSources [enkydev]
[^] Auto download priorities, Dynamic mode added.
[+] Filestats [Icecream/Morphxt]
[+] Powershare with statistics
[+] AutoHL with some adaptions
[+] CReport
[+] SUIBan against uncounted uploads
[+] Applejuice Detection [from xman1's DLP]
[+] Seperate LeechLog for AntiLeech outputs
[+] Detection and ModIcons for Al!as/R-Mods
[+] Reask Queue/srcs after IP change [Stulle]
[+] Modstats [TPT]
[+] SystemInfo Class for CReport [$icK$/Stulle]
[+] BadClientFlag [Wizard]
[+] Identify eMule plus [Spike2]
[+] Intelligent Chnk Selection ICS [EnkeyDev]

LoID ot HiID auto callback [L2HAC] ?
...and we're done.

[+] = Added
[-] = Removed
[~] = Changed
[^] = Updated



:dl: Binary: Alias1.1_bin.rar []
:dl: Source: Alias1.1_src.rar []


How to compile with C++ 9.0 ? :
by vs2008 change/comment out: /*afxData.bWin95 ? NONANTIALIASED_QUALITY :*/
so that: lf.lfQuality = ANTIALIASED_QUALITY;
looks: lf.lfQuality = /*afxData.bWin95 ? NONANTIALIASED_QUALITY : */ANTIALIASED_QUALITY;
+ if (/*!afxData.bWin95 && */bBmpResult && !s_pfnTransparentBlt)
+ if (afxIsWin95()) // all rel.
+ LimitText(/*afxData.bWin95 ? 0xFFFF : */0x7FFFFFFF); // all rel.
+ adj/changes in stdafx.h for vs 2008 // time_t,...
??? otherfunctions.cpp > SAFE_DELETE ... ?no references to this function? // ConChecker [eWombat]

using emule_vc71.sln > vc9

Did read the source code, very clean mod, good job! Wish it will compile with c++9.

Note to users: This is a LEGAL mod, therefore it is RATIOed and does not contain 'bad' codes.

Note to modders: If you use the sources for your own mod, please change the modstring to avoid all of us from being banned for any reason. Also replace or remove the links pointing to my board. It all can be found and changed in version.h !!!

- Thank you!


<| NOT a Leecher Mod |>
Valued readers! Please don't mistaken again by banning r-mod and alias. This mods have sources + ratio, all requirements gpl/gnu + rules conform! By all logic there will be custom modstring option or random if it will be otherwise.


IlLusioN said...

I get error in otherfunctions.cpp SAFE_DELETE ... // missing ?

all others I could make vs 2008 compatible such as libs, drop w9x, time,...

I sold my old vs 2003 second hand and bought vs 2008 instead.

Any idea please say up in forumEvery help appreciated

Anonymous said...

here a ed2k link!



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