Sunday, May 31, 2009

VeryCD easyMule 1.1.6 Build 090515

VeryCD eDonkey (easyMule) 1.1.6 version stability [2009-05-15]


* To provide time-sharing directory automatically refresh settings, automatically hang up a user-friendly time-sharing
* Update list of servers, such as eDonkey data
* Strategies to optimize the speed of uploading and downloading
* Some UI to optimize the user experience

Core base is still eMule 0.48a ( see official changelogs since 0.48a to 0.49c codebase + features ).

Feature Manual kick (remove) single clients from upload queue can be enabled through an entry in preferences.ini as by all easymule mods add: DebugUpQueue=1

VeryCD/Easymule builds eMule.exe behaviors:
makes changes on tcpip.sys without user-interrupt (see bettersp2.cpp/h etc. in src). As soon you execute emule.exe a BHO get installed, several registry keys get added to the windows registry. Windows system file tcpip.sys change its default value (on xp it reduce to 9 connections only).
Other as by eXcalibur ( ), VC Mods are not encrypted like shareware and provided as a 'clean binary' exe.

Tip: Check with TCP-Z or XP-Antispy or any TCPIP patcher after usage your max. connection limit.


Mirrors bin only:

ed2k links:

Share Mirror Hosts:
@brsbox | @mediafire |
@brsbox | @mediafire |


other builds/versions:

My idea to improve:

same as light see here and easymule here
add upload priority to the front in shared window ( transfer window )
upload management / slot control ( from sivka mod maybe )
upload Boost levels incomplete (partfile) / rare / ...
drag 'n drop files/folder to share add to shared files window (from emule 0.49c)
fix traversal nat implementation // NeoMule (Xantos)


Anonymous said...

I have found the public version of chimera on specialmods Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Is this true or not?

IlLusioN said...

No I think its false positive caused by Private exe Protector v.2.5 ( 12.01.2008 ) (not registered Version)

all Av's means files packed with this packer is a virus. Just skip it or upack

B4n$h33 said...

well . Why i have used a exe paker with chimera mod?
Because i want to preserve my job , i still remember has been disassembled and modified emule AeOnFlux here , i do not want that it happens again , thanks

IlLusioN said...

The reason was, the mod
was already on modname in the dlp banned. However thanks (sorry my mistake), its erased. No hexedit mods anymore on my page.

Either clean bins or nothing.

This was on the old post comment:

2008-4-8 20:38:01: [硬性吸血骡](ban)- Client '[CHN][VeryCD][TLF][dmhy][Popgo][Manmi]MonsterNo.2 [>Y)}] «-AeOnFlux- 0.8.3»' (eMule v0.48a [-AeOnFlux- 0.8.3],None/None/None)

after hexedit (change) modname it was work again and still work up to now. however...

Saying sorry B4n$h33. I did not understand a year ago if unban a mod by hexediting the modname to something other not banned its bad. I did it in a good meaning that the mod users still can use it by changing the modstring in the bin. Will never be happen again, excuse.

The problem by using exe protector like by shareware is, users and AV's especially by P2P software think it's something inside like trojan, even seen people believe anti p2p do leecher mods. If AV pop up and exe packer used, may be difficult if you, as the Author complain by the AV that a false positive is to remove in them AV database. Next users believe that leecher mods have real viruses and use this against it by saying and writing about it.

Therefore no hex editing even if its possible to unban a mod in case its banned. Provide just c++ compiler output files and let it original. If possible put md5/sha1 checksum into changelogs. If the mod have a homepage also can post the link.

What I'm talking about:

B4n$h33 said...

and you do all this just because on a stupid forum Russian, that only you know, someone says nonsense on your blog, hahaha, you are crazy! fuck this russian user that says just nonsense and do not know this world. I use exe paker "PECompact2" you and him do whatever you want!

PS. non volete usare il mio emule perchè è stato compresso, chi se ne frega!

IlLusioN said...

No way! Whatever use exepacker somewhere on other sites. I don't publish it if its encrypted. Trust end by this. I did read on rapidrush bad instruction how to use exepacker to hide old trojans from AV's with that. After this I test and yes it is possible.

Either clean bins or nothing.

Besides that its not only one forum its on some 'official' emule forums written too that leecher mods have viruses. I don't support that. If really an AV produce false positive on a clean c++ file authors which cares about them software contact the AV's and complain but if encrypt the exe you can try if they unlist whole protectors.

Do whatever you want just this encrypted mods don't come on my site. I told you, site have many visitors, to protect original no crazy protected shareware bins publish md5/sha1 + link if want to homepage. Everyone see and can comment its original, no reason to modificate it ever. Stupid things like splashscreen changing and links in mods will never Raise Up. I don't get it why provoke AV's and users by using exe protectors on emule/bt mods.

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