Tuesday, May 5, 2009 Internet Explorer Hijacker (Startpage, Shortcuts, Searchproviders) Internet Explorer homepage hijacked

No utility is able to reset/restore after infection

1. remove all unknown search provider under manage add-ons
2. copy and search each string in regedit, delete the paths and entries
3. Do a deep registry scan for and remove this urls's

Reset IE to default settings include tools like spybot search & destroy, windows defender, XoftSpySE, AV's, Tuneup utilities will fail to find or recover the default settings. Each time you start internet explorer and want to change or remove this site form your homepage settings it overwrites by restart ie (version 5/6/7/8) again to as Default homepage..

By infection (bundled by some downloads from web) no AV / Windows defender alert about the Package of Links on Desktop, IE Favorites, Search Provider, Changed Homepage and results it makes to your system. Some icon files in \system32 etc... html shortcuts on desktop, startmenu entries,....

Age of this Browser hijacker year 2005/2006

Here you go to get rid of it. Search in regedit and delete all entries with:

Yamicsoft WinXP/Vista Repair Manger can repair the settings to there proper defaults

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