Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some modded Firefox Addons without 'Call homes' etc... Slim size

3 Versions: one with Google Search the others with Twitter search.

- embedded search engine as Browser Search engine + Browser Bar search to Google/Twitter
OneRiot's social Web search.
- Browser request addon by search engine requests (send genuine search requests w/o 'extras' added to the search req. &format=html&ssrc=browserBox&spid=86f2f5da-3b24-4a87-bbb3-1ad47525359d&p=twitterbar-ff/2.2 // maybe only

With Google Search source/install/download: twitterbar-2.2.1-fx-fn-google.xpi 41 kb | Mirror1 |

With Twitter Search source/install/download: twitterbar-2.2.1-fx-fn-twitter.xpi 41 kb | Mirror1 |

With TweetMe Search source/install/download: twitterbar-2.2.1-fx-fn-TweetMe.xpi |
Mirror |
( send request )

Alternative use older Version without embedded Search addon: Version 2.1.2 — April 9, 2009 — 27 KB

Firefox Add one page:


Webmail Ad Blocker 2.3.1

tons of Donation scripts (code) - // they was just everywhere in this add-on. Please just visit extension homepage (in About url) to donate instead. Size shrink from 27 KB to 11 kb by removing useless code parts!

Source/Download/Install: WebMailAdBlocker2.3.1-no-embedded-Donation.xpi 11 kb | Mirror1 |

Source Code: open the xpi files with 7zip or rename the file extension from .xpi to .zip to extract

Not my business, just sharing my modded FF addons.

other modded extensions

Skip Linkbee redirect waiting time Firefox extension

Skip redirect waiting time as Firefox extension (converted from userscript with

Install/Download/Source: Skip-Linkbee-redirect-waitetime-ff.xpi | Mirror |

Based on Mikado's solution:

Read more how to skip the html content (blank the ads page) or
Adblock, Firewall Adblock addon, etc... rule to blank the ads page:

Testpage with some linkbee links:

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