Tuesday, May 19, 2009

eMule v0.49c StulleMule v6.2 Plus Version 18.05.09

eMule v0.49c StulleMule v6.2 Plus Version-18.05.09

eMule v0.49c StulleMule v6.2 Plus Version
Engo3K +Features 18.05.09
added clientupload time for blocked clients [5-360] mins
changed filereasktime [21-55] mins
changed englisch feedback to Ultimativ-mod format (de)
changed language de_DE.dll
added: choosable modstring
added: customable priority
added: upload priority in downloadlist
added: push part files
removed: friends resrtictions
removed: powershare resrtictions
removed: Release Boost resrtictions for partfile
removed: PBF resrtictions
changed: SlotLimiter from min.60 to 1-255
changed: datarate pro client now
changed: leecher standard reduce score from 33% to 10%
added: don't remove spare trickle slot in uploadList (for use client datarate)
added: reasksingle client (downloadList)
added: Drop/Swap Client in Transfer Windows/to another File
added: Kick sngle client from upload
added: Kick all upload slots
added: ban client (all list)
added: clear banlist
added: push client to upload (queuelist)
added: unlimited slot
added: friend boost *200
added: Nick boost *200
added: multichunk transfer
added: antinick punish
added: antimod punish
added: queuerang full punish
added: Up2Mule
added: Show IP (ClientDetailDialog) ,IP ,UserNick ,UserHash ,Clienversion all copyable
added: active permission
added: see OnUploadqueue and feedback
added: colors for antinick/antimod/QR-full/Nick boost/unlimited slot

removed: Ultimativ as bad Nick/UltiMatic as bad mod
removed: other release bad Mod/Nick's



Filesharehost eMule0.49c-StulleMule-v6.2-Plus.rar 3.90 MB | DDL

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Use any modstring that is not in dlp.

Does this mod have session ratio?

Anonymous said...

is uplimit >=3KB/s
is uplimit <3KB/s
is uplimit <=10KB/s

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