Friday, February 1, 2008

Trial-Reset 3.2 - software trial information liquidation

Trial Reset is the registry-cleaning tools.
The tool's main function is to remove the commercial software systems registration info as well as free software program to protect Shell generated by the trial information and refuse to clean up the pc.
Although the Trial-Reset can not solve these procedures, but it can provide you with more longer period for the software trial tests or erase fixed stored signs of trial software from your PC permanent for a general clean up etc...

renewed (virus free!)
-Updated support for PCGuard 5.02
-Add Autocleaning at Startup
-Fixed ExeCryptor 2.x bug
-Minor bugs fixes

include Plugins:
Alcohol 1.x
SlySoft all

links remove 'shows virus since December 2008'

since December 2008 this software show virus alerts in many AV's. I removed it cause of this. Cant say its false positive or trial manufactures did list it to AV Firms as virus. It wasnt listed as virus 9 Months long.

Please use this software
NeoKwinto (antytrial)

Download Mirror: neokwinto_2008-11.exe 1.47 MB

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No Viruses my ASS!

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