Monday, February 4, 2008

eMule 0.48a ZZULtimativ v1.7 Final Version

0.48a ZZULtimativ v1.7

add Ratio
remove Share Permission don't let clients on queue

add 3 Toolbarskins from ZZULtimativ-R
add Known Client Bonus switchable from spike2[netfinity]
add switch for Fakealyzer/Clientanalyzer from spike2-mod
add switchable Anti Shape[netfinity/spike2]
add Manual MSS
add Minimum Slots Option from spike2
add Minimum Trickle Slot Option
add and changed some other small things

ZZULtimativ v1.7 Pre Final
add ManualClientManagement[xray]
add Feedback on Exit[sicks]
add Obfuscation-Padding-Length to Ext prefs [Xman]
add Auto Hard Limit[Wizard]
add Auto Download Priority[pP]
add some smaller fixes

ZZULtimativ v1.7 Beta 5

add Disable Nagle Algorithm for Uploads [TK4]
add Find MTU/MSS value [TK4]
removed enter MSS value [KTS]
add Extened credit- table-arragement [XMan]
add lh require obfuscated server connection [MORPH]
add remove unused AICH-hashes [Xman]
add Relax at startup [Wizard]
add Better Client Attaching [Xanatos]
fixed bug in preferences and moved the last prefs to ini File


ZZULtimativ v1.7 Beta 4

add KadInterfaceImprovement[Xanatos]
add Push Files by filetypes[spe64]
add Applejuice Detection v2.1.1[Xman]
changed Preferences Menü Order
all Mod options now saved in ZZUltimativprefs.ini

ZZULtimativ v1.7 Beta 3

remove show leechertype in details caused crash ...

ZZULtimativ v1.7 Beta 2
add Smart Upload Control v2 [Morph/Lovelace]
add Auto DynUp changing [Yun.SF3]
update Enhanced Client Recognization [Spike2]
add emulate others[Spike2]
add emulate Community Addon[sFrQlXeRt]
add Send Random Userhash to Shareaza clients without SUI[evcz]
readded ratio

ZZULtimativ v1.7 Beta 1

merged folowing features from ZZULtimativ-R 1.4 Beta
thx 2 morph4u 4 src

+ Show MinQR Checkbox enable/disable
+ Optimizer
+ Ignore Server Messages fixed
+ Unlimited Slot (green color in upload)
+ New Sysinfo CPU/RAM for faster start
+ Non eMule Clients
+ Restore last Main Window
+ Community on Queue button
+ Community enable/disable checkbox
+ Nick show on title
+ Preview music files
+ Checkbox for disable Server deletion
+ DL Status in Uploadlist
+ DL Status in Queuelist
+ Clear Banlist Button in Transfer Window
+ Counter Color [NightSky10]
+ Friend/Commboost 1-10 changed to 1-200
+ Shows Clients in Downloadlist on Queue in green
+ MinQR in DownloadList
+ Some little other fixes
+ Server->Reconnect on LowID retries
+ Powershare Upload-Priority in Download
+ Show Permission Community only (Orange)
+ Show Permission Friends only (Green)
+ Quickstart readded and fixed bug
+ Push to Upload in Downloads readded
+ Prefer Share All (SlugFiller) [AndCycle]
+ Safe KAD [netfinity] - Stulle
+ KAD speed optimizations [netfinity] - Stulle
+ KAD Anti fragmenting [netfinity] - Stulle
+ fixed official kad bug under vista (leuk_he/godlaugh2007)
+ fixed little Bug in Statusbar
+ Statusbar simplified
+ Upload-Priority in Downloadlistctrl
+ Show Permission
--> Community / Friends only (colored orange)
--> None (colored gray)
--> Is Part File (colored blue)
+ No Score for non eMule
+ Powershared Clients in Bold disconnectible
+ Powershared Files in Bold disconnectible
+ Force Power Slot in Bold disconnectible
+ Drop Client readded
+ Show requested Files readded
+ New Feedback Colors
+ New File-Rating Icons
+ New Toolbar Icons
+ Powershared Clients in Red + Bold
+ Powershared Files in Red + Bold
+ Force Power Slot in Orange + Bold
+ Status bar with CPU/RAM announcement
+ Drop-Buttons changed
+ Max Search Results unlimited
+ Kick Client + add IP to IpFilter.dat added
+ Vista Fix
+ Obfuskation Fix
+ Emulate other Clients added

Ohh there exist 2 finals
Download (this one seems to be very public cause many sources):
Real Image Checksum: 005E2FD9h
Time Date Stamp: 479BD2ED 27/01/2008 00:40:13

Download (this one only one source: mL with ModString HighTime v3): eMule.0.48a.ZZULtimativ-v1.7.7z
Real Image Checksum: 005D94E0h
Time Date Stamp: 479BCE86 27/01/2008 00:21.26

Pre-Final: ZZULtimativ1.7_PreFinal.7z
Real Image Checksum: 005DF903h
Time Date Stamp: 479A0D55 25/01/2008 16:24:53

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