Monday, February 4, 2008

IE7Pro 2.1 Beta 2 for x64 and x86

IE7Pro Features:
  • Enhance Internet Explorer's Tabbed Browsing Capabilities
  • Double click to close tab.
  • Open new tab from address bar.
  • Enable/disable tab browse history manager.
  • Enable/disable crash recovery
  • Move the IE menu bar above the address bar
  • Hide search bar.
  • Modify the maximum number of parallel connections to the web server.
  • Select the external program to view page source

• Super Drag and Drop. With Super Drag and Drop enabled, you can open new links by simply dragging and dropping the link on the page. You can also Drag and Drop to search selected words with the default search engine or save the selected photo when Shift is held down.
• Mouse Gesture allow the user to execute commonly performed tasks (open/close a tab, go back, go forward , print , scrolling page etc.) by drawing a simple symbol on the screen.
• Crash Recovery automatically restores all opened pages after a crash happened.
• Save Page to Image. Flexible and easy-to-use tool that converts html page from any URL to image. It captures the whole web page's content into JPG, BMP , GIF , PNG or TIFF on the fly.
• Quick Proxy Switcher. Different internet connections do often require completely different proxy server settings and it's a real pain to change them manually.
• AD Blocker. Blocks all forms of advertising, including Flash ads, rich media, fly-ins, slide-ins, pop-ups, pop-unders, spyware and adware ads, and messenger ads.
• Greasy monkey alike User Script. IE7Pro Script is to Internet Explorer7 as Grease monkey is to Firefox. It lets you remix the Web via scripts.
• Inline Search. Adds the inline search bar like Firefox has, finds as you type, use the F3 and Enter Key to cycle between multiple results, highlight all results.
• Spell Check. IE7Pro Spell Check will check any text you enter and alert you to possible errors by adding a red underline to any potentially misspelled words.

Changes in IE7Pro 2.1 Beta 2 (4. Feb. 2008):
1 Add keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+Mouse hover over media player control to save media file.
2.Add support for always open popup window in new tab.
3.IE7Pro improved
- User config file online backup
- Crash recovery dialog changed to page
- Open new window from address bar history
- User can hide commandbar of IE now
- spellcheck improved
- Clear url history work under vista now

4.MiniDM improved
- MiniDM have log now
- MiniDM support sha1/md5 now
- MiniDM support more action on exit
- MiniDM new fuction
1) Local time
2) User can add download task without enable main window
3) User can hide alarm window now
- MiniDM can ignore user defined file type.


Download IE7Pro 2.1 x86 Beta 2
Download IE7Pro 2.1 x64 Beta 2

Extras: Easy Homepage
Ad Blocker Latest: filter.ini
or convert:

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