Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bitsum PECompact v2.80 beta 5 - The Next Generation

Feb. 06. 2008

Last known public Changelog PECompact v2.80 beta 2

Changes since 2.79:

* GUI.Addition: Added Korean translation thanks to Jon gryul
* GUI.Change: Updated german translation thanks to u!^UBY

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Hello it's me again Packer.XComp.A, BitDefender was give me this Name on 13. Feb. 2008 and mark me to be a Virus his Friend Ikarus was follow a few days later. I am one year old, my true name is XComp/XPack I'm a freeware PE32-imagefile packer/rebuilder please analyze me again and pack random Files.exe

Im a FREEWARE EXE PACKER my Name is Xcomp I am 1 Year old and this is the story how BitDefender via VirusTotal called me to be a Virus with the name Packer.XComp.A on 13 Feb 2008.rar
If I am a Virus your name is Johann the butler and your analysis is wrong.
I'm here:
Don't touch me if you belief I am dangerous or want any outgoing or incoming network connections. I don't want anything online cause I'm done to make big files smaller. Maybe my heuristic is a little bit high but not more as UPX in version > 1.9
Someone did some terrible tests with me. Believe it or not but they was unpack some files done with PECompact using the option to injected/select a dll and some other packers (my Memory requirement are not very high so I forgot if there was commercial Packers between). A pe explorer tool show after unpacking: "Warning! Import section follows the Resource section." After that I have compressed the unpacked files and ignored the warning "this file is already packed with PECompact,... and others", there was some rests inside left by unpacking. Later some wrong signatures with other packer names was come to my packed output files (it' wasn't me) and finally got submitted to VirusTotal. What was follow you can figure out. The AV results played crazy by every different signature shown a different result.
At this time no one was known or read the news by VirusTotal by them blog page, that they possible forward all files and results (experimenting include). That was the end as my signature as packer/compressor was end up in the list of viruses. I'm sorry for that tests but that was not me as packer alone.
I did my job to pack the files as little tool XComp.

Maybe you can now imaginate why I am in the positive Virus Database by packer name even if I do not have or produce kinds of viruses as packer/compressor freeware tool. I think I am wrong on place there.

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