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Norman Malware Cleaner 2008/02/13

Norman Malware Cleaner 2008/02/13Norman Malware Cleaner is a Norman program utility that may be used to detect and remove specific malicious software (malware).

Note that it should not be used as a substitute for running normal proactive antivirus protection, but rather as a reactive tool to handle systems that are already infected.

By downloading and running the program below it will clean an infected system completely:

kill running processes that are infected
remove infections from disk (including ActiveX components and browser helper objects)
restore correct registry values
remove references created by malware in hosts file
remove windows firewall rules for malicious programs

Scanner Engine Version: 5.91.10
Variants: 1304976

Fize Size: 15684KB
Language: English
OS: Win2000/XP/2003
License: Free
Homepage: -
More Security Programs:

Norman Antivirus & Antispyware License for 3 PC's EUR 39.99:

Key features

* Antivirus
* Norman SandBox
* Rootkit detection
* Antispyware

Norman Security Suite License for 3 PC's EUR 49.99:
* Personal Firewall
* Antipharming
* Parental Control


Detect: BitComet\tools\CometBrowser.exe (infected with W32/Delf.AXSP)

Attention backup your windows hosts file cause it:
Removed hosts entry: all away

By the test here according the log file all entries says: path/filename (Error whilst scanning file: I/O Error) up to the button: A fatal error occured whilst scanning.
0xC0000005 (5900BAF0)

it also Detect from Webroot Software, Inc. (""") Window Washer:
\Common Files\Webroot Shared\ShellWash.dll ("Window Washer Shredding Shell Extension for Shredding Files and Folders v6.0.1.409") dll as infected with W32/Agent.CWXB at 0x02AE0000
You can Google all webroot reg. soft download:
and get free license here:
invalid links like mfpsetup1.exe change to mfpsetup1_1.exe (filename1_1.exe)

Links I uploaded from Google search and catch result sites:
ssfsetup.exe | cssetup.exe | shsetup.exe | pwsetup.exe | wwsetup.exe | mfpsetup.exe | dfsetup.exe | sspsetup1_1.exe | ssbetasetup.exe | accsetup.exe | |

Suggestion: Run detected items in future only in a Sandbox for example:
Sandboxie 3.22 - Sandboxie.v3.01 342.53 KB
Do a Backup before running Norman Malware Cleaner it will make a possible Virus "general clean up".

Virus Detection List Binary:
nvcbin.def.v5.90.00-Detbin1304976-list.7z (874.18 KB)

MD5: ec520eed5ec38cb23fe4f1bc00086b1e
SHA1: 967cd8da763d7af5699128d6a3462b9dbfb6a0a5
CRC32: 81e5ad7d
nvcbin.def.v5.90.00-Detbin1304976-list.TMP File
size extracted: 60.029.317

How to catch the unknown (36MB movie)

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