Tuesday, February 5, 2008

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.0 080202 beta

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.0 Beta 080202VeryCD easyMule 1.0.0 Beta
Build Date 02.02.2008

Include http/ftp Download Manager and Web browser

VeryCD easyMule is VeryCDTeam based open source eMule on the basis of the development of a new product has the following characteristics:
1. New interface, more intuitive to use
2. Penetration in the network, download speeds improved significantly
3. Look under the edge, exciting content online player
4. Disk buffer, the maximum protection drive
5. Almighty download, multi-protocol interoperability comprehensive
6. Quick Search, a key Direct search results
7. Arbitrary download directory arbitrary designation
8. Continued sharing, Releaser Mod

* Download improve the efficiency of dynamic log output
* Download optimization task scheduling, task can be downloaded from the completion guarantee
* Optimization http/ftp Download Connection Control
* Optimization of a multi-site document amounted to rename the algorithm
* fixed bug: http unable to redirect download locations
* fixed bug: With some file name can not scan antivirus
* fixed bug: Download sometimes when loading unusual task Crash
* fixed bug: http/ftp after the download is complete, detailed information lost in the original links

Announcement site:

Installer: easyMule-Beta-Setup.exe

Bin (Installer extracted incl. Chinese Language files):

easyMule v1.0.0 Build 080202 BETA English:
without debug code [2.74 MB]: easyMule-Beta-BIN.7z
with debug code:

( not 4 RocketMule v1.x and eMule SpeedShare -:) )

Shanghai Source Networking Technology Co., Ltd
AV P2P Worm and Virus Protection Plugin: Beijing Rising Technology Co., Ltd. Version

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