Tuesday, February 5, 2008

PREVX CSI v1.5.103.193

PREVX CSI v1.5.103.193
PREVX CSI your PC is safe in less than 2 minutes. Finds Spyware, Rootkits, Spambots, Trojans and Viruses - plus is so easy to use.
The business version of Prevx CSI finds and removes all serious infections quickly and easily on a few PCs, or across your
entire organization.

PREVX CSI BUG with ACDSee ScreenshotProgram doesn't like to get screen captured, ACDSEE Pro v2 original get detect as rootkit if it's running in background (ACDSee Pro 2 Screen Capture a component from ACDSee Pro 2 Photo Manager Software). ACDSeePro2.exe v2.0.238.0

Today's Active Infections:

Prevx2.0 available for:

Windows XP (All versions - 32/64bit) and Windows 2000 Professional.
Windows Vista Beta (All versions - 32/64bit)

Windows 2003 Server (All versions - 32/64bit) and Windows 2000 Server (SP4 only).

Prevx CSI - FREE PC Check available for:
Windows XP, Vista, 2000 & 2003 (All versions - 32/64bit).

For Business and Network Admins:

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