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µTorrent 1.8 alpha 8682

µTorrent 1.8 Build 8682µTorrent Version 1.8 alpha build 8682 changelog
- Fix: crash when right-clicking category view

2008-02-23: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8680)
- Feature: support 'failure reason' in scrape response
- Feature: optional piece progress bar
- Change: (yet another) new installation dialog
- Change: More informative error message for misc. autoupdate errors
- Change: Return to 1.7-style RSS errors
- Change: remove 1000 files warning in create torrent
- Change: Turn off sparse files and turn on compact allocation by default on Vista, because it has a terrible bug
- Change: don not enable a feed when Update Feed is selected
- Change: send rejects to FAST extension peers that request the same piece again before it's sent
- Change: grey out Update Feed when feed is disabled
- Change: change Toggle Feed to Enable/Disable Feed
- Change: update free space on focus change in create torrent
- Change: some RSS speed optimizations for large history and feed item counts
- Fix: Tab order issues in Add Feed dialog
- Fix: magnet URI download directory is now default download directoy
- Fix: Display of "&" characters in title of folder browsing dialog on Windows versions less then Vista, and give Vista version a title
- Fix: Preferences tab order
- Fix: Longstanding bug where dialogs that inside tab controls did not have the proper background when using XP themes
- Fix: Issue where it would stay as admin user after autoupdating through a normal user
- Fix: element not found and 99% cpu bug with partfiles
- Fix: piece picker bug that would cause it to start more equally rare pieces than needed
- Fix: key sort order with extension handshake
- Fix: download bar toggle
- Fix: external IP detection with NAT-PMP and non-conforming routers (like the Airport Extreme...)
- Fix: rare "invalid packet length" bug with encrypted connections
- Fix: Feed names not displaying unicode characters properly in category view
- Fix: Element Not Found when using partfiles with compact allocation


False positive must be lower as the original upx version 3.00 compressed.

See section, res,... and construction in a good hex viewer! (549 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.trim.exe (504.50 KB) /keep overlay /internal crc correct
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.rebuild.exe (506.00 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.uncompressed-rebuild.exe (573.11 KB)

Compression Comparison:

utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.WinUPack039.exe (246.32 KB) - stability ?
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.XComp 0.98-LZMA.exe (248.75 KB) - (~246.27 KB is possible)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.trim-XComp0.98-LZMA.exe (248.76 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.uncompressed-rebuild-XComp0.98-LZMA.exe (249.25 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.trim-PEC2.8b5.exe (251.00 KB)
PEC2.80B5: /Cl:9 /Wl:No /Dt:Small /Cic:No /Ri:No
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.upx.exe (255.80 KB) Original UPX 3.00 (higher UPX Versions as 3.00 can produce more false positive by utorrent.exe / bittorrent.exe, see LZMA lib also by using XComp with utorrent.exe/bittorrent.exe)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.upx302.exe (255.80 KB)
--best --ultra-brute --all-methods --all-filters
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.yzpack12-LZMA.exe (262.87 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.rebuild-XComp-LZSS.exe (273.36 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.trim-XComp0.98-LZSS.exe (273.37 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.nPack11.exe (283.50 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.yzpack2b.exe (290.45 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.FSG20.exe (290.75 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.rebuild-XComp0.97-LZRW.exe (311.79 KB)
utorrent-1.8-alpha-8682.trim-XComp0.97-LZRW.exe (311.79 KB)

Ignore the AV scanner results which shown Packer.XComp, Packer.byDwing (UPack), Packer.YZPack, Packer.FSG.A, Packer.RLPack and some other Packers as a Virus. It's a False Positive.
These Antivirus Scanner can not scan inside the packed file. A Product fault by some Antivirus Programs. Changing to a better AV Security Solution will fix it.

PE id Signatures see: Exeinfo PE it detect with Anti Cheat Mechanism up to all kinds of packer, compressor detector + shows unpack info and hints to see how a file is done.
(PEiD doesn't recognize new(er) Files for example utorrent 1.7.7 Original uncompressed from utorrent website show Armadillo 1.x instead of Microsoft Visual C++ ver 7 - not packed -)

Unpacker: RL!de + sdk + kit + extras (updated latest version):

Sandboxie - Trust No Program!

Tired of dealing with rogue software, spyware and malware?
Tired of spending countless hours removing unsolicited software?
Try Sandboxie.
When you run a program on your computer, data flows from the hard disk to the program via read operations. The data is then processed and displayed, and finally flows back from the program to the hard disk via write operations. For example, if you run the Freecell program to play a game, it starts by reading the previously recorded statistics, displaying and altering them as you play the game, and finally writing them back to disk for future reference.
Sandboxie changes the rules such that write operations do not make it back to your hard disk. Protecting your Freecell statistics using Sandboxie may be a good idea when a less qualified player comes along, but you will probably want to play most of your games outside the sandbox. On the other hand, you may want to run your Web browser inside the sandbox most of the time. This way any incoming, unsolicited software (spyware, malware and the like) that you download, is trapped in the sandbox. Changes made to your list of Favorites or Bookmarks, hijacking of your preferred start page, new and unwanted icons on your desktop -- all these, and more, are trapped in and bound to the sandbox. You could also try a new toolbar add-on, browser extension or just about any kind of software. If you don't like it, you throw away the sandbox, and start again with a fresh sandbox. On the other hand, if you do like the new piece of software, you can re-install it outside the sandbox so it becomes a permanent part of your system. Sandboxie intercepts changes to both your files and registry settings, making it virtually impossible for any software to reach outside the sandbox. Sandboxie traps cached browser items into the sandbox as a by-product of normal operation, so when you throw away the sandbox, all the history records and other side-effects of your browsing disappear as well.
Sandboxie is free so you really don't have to look around for an alternative.

However, if you still don't like or can't use Sandboxie for whatever reason, here are some alternatives.
Anti-Virus Software, Anti-Spyware Tools
These tools scan your computer files and registry settings looking for known viruses and unsolicited software (spyware). Such tools can only remove some viruses and spyware but also produce a lot of false positive alerts. They can be wrong or right or not identify, and usually only after that software has made its way into your computer. Contrast this with the Sandboxie approach, which keeps the viruses and spyware trapped in the sandbox, and makes them disappear when you throw away the sandbox.
Untrusted Browsing
The ActiveX mechanism lets Web sites run little programs in your computer. These are mostly well-natured programs, for example automatic download managers or automatic toolbar installation. Some not-so-well-natured Web sites use this mechanism to install spyware into your computer. You could browse with ActiveX disabled (by turning it off, or by switching to a browser that doesn't offer support for ActiveX), but you would be trading security over functionality. With Sandboxie, you can keep ActiveX turned on, and have both security and functionality.

Version news:

Sandboxie.v3.22 32bit (393.31 KB) - Sandboxie.v3.22 32bit+64bit (707.37 KB)

A Trojan makes online connections out and incoming. A good Firewall in extension to a NAT tells you not only a short overview of these connections. The full trace log with details for example by browsing the web, not just the domains, DNS, Ip's but the full url's to and from destinations up to the file extensions by request in the internet online traffic. With a connection monitor it shows you if something is wrong on all protocols. It will alert you if a component from your hard disk starts to make or receive connections and you can tracing the ways, set the access control, terminate single connections, add them to your own black list, forbid applications to go online. For example if a picture program go online its suspicious it have no messenger, email or web browser except it have picture upload function to your ftp website in the menu. If a program begins to do online update you can capture the url and download the update file if you want an update manual. Also you can block online updates.

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