Monday, February 4, 2008

BitComet 0.99 Optimization version advertising removed

BitComet 0.99 MAX
BitComet 0.99 Ads Free

BitComet v0.99 2008.2.1 CHANGELOG:
Interface: Startup password validation failure will lead to the collapse of procedures
Interface: FireFox extension of additional components to support the FireFox Calling BitComet download files
Interface: Options dialog additional settings of the Advanced Settings page: Allow automatic mandate for comment, title information
Interface: Show preservation task folder location, if already opened the folder of the Windows Explorer window, it is no longer open a new window
Interface: Suspension Window Menu add traffic statistics interval option
Interface: BT mandate of the BC link in the HTTP task dialog box shown as "link format error"
Core improvement: BC link in improving the Torrent file download speed, file size and mandate of HTTP information on speed
Core Fixed: Under Windows Vista preview video files, the second full-screen operation invalid

Main program modder versions Downloads:
BitComet v0.99_Cngrdiy - Mirror: BitComet_v0.99_Cngrdiy.rar
BitComet v0.99_JEW - Mirror: BitComet_v0.99_JEW0.rar.212
(rename file extension to .rar)

1.BitComet v0.99_Cngrdiy:
I only Traditional Chinese languages will be made according to its original English language attached to the contents of the deletion swap several projects to simplify interface, and the remaining did not change, and the English language have not changed (lazy changes ^ ^). If necessary, brief and related comments, recommended title" function, since the "job is reposted source" downloading, as these features are, and to show the language files, and the English language version of these reservations function, but "job is reposted source version of its simplified language or without these functions, to grasp their own official language files. But I personally think that these functions need to nothing, it is only a waste of system resources.

2. BitComet v0.99_JEW: content and almost version of the above, I have only set the preferences.
3. Rest of the settings, according to needs and preferences change, the way the eMule plug attached Bitcomet

Bitcomet eMule plugin:
Official Download
badongo Download

reposted Source:

copy from original BitComet 0.99 zip distribution your lang file to folder /lang and change settings to your language (english is include but pre settings are JP or CN)

UPNP Tools
IP filtering the latest use Peer guardian


other mods:
Bitcomet 0.99 Perfect to optimize the installation of advertising-free version of the download speed by dasinima


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