Tuesday, February 5, 2008

eMule 0.48a D1OTmain MorphXT -a7

eMule 0.48a D10Tmain MorphXT WC alpha7
[D10Tmain] MorphXT WC alpha7

Based on emule MorphXT 10.2 + WebCache
+ finished (resolved last issue) WC code is in state as in M9.6
ADD: run as NT service v1. [leuk_he]
-No need to login into XP.
-keeps running after logging out/ switching users
-new command line options:
emule install -> install as as service
emule uninstall -> uninstall as a service.
-make sure all settings are correct before installing as a service.
-links as passed to webservice.
-See Preferences-> Webserver-> NTservice tab
remark: Not meant to save cpu/memory.
ADD: Context menu on chat context. (wizard code snippet)
ADD: Lost preferences. Most official preferences that got an preferences.ini setting but no gui are
Added in preferences-> extended-> Advanced preferences.
CHANGED: USC: better slotfocus.
CHANGED: More upload speed for webcache requester. (no 100ms delay)
CHANGED: And also DBR reviewed for high bandwidth transfer.
CHANGED: Flush thread, improved.
CHANGED: Better requested block queuing
CHANGED: Sr-13 import, Also use AICH hash when required.
FIX: Upnp: using same port for tcp & udp now possible.
CHANGED: uPnP moved most logging to verbose level.
FIX: sr-13 import: crash on cancel during running import.
FIX: crash on low disk space resume.
ADDED: Official fix around Create Packed Packets (missed overhead file request value for file >4GB)
24 instead of 28

Download: [D10Tmain]MorphXTWC.

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