Wednesday, February 27, 2008

eMule 0.48a SharkX v1.1 by Taz

SharkX 1.1 (code change for VS2005) is finally here.

added features :

new version + beta check from Mephisto 1.1 (WiZaRd/Stulle/taz)
Optionnal funnynick display from MorphXT 10.5 (SiRoB)

Change log from 1.0 :

SharkX 1.1 20/02/08

change : default option - beta versions will check for new betas
fix : fine CS (additional CS) can't be selected with CA CS (wasn't active anyway) - 10'x aSceT

Support Forum
All Versions

Bin: eMule0.48a_SharkXv1.1_BIN.rar

SRC: eMule0.48a_SharkXv1.1_SRC.rar
Libs: eMule0.48a_SharkX_libs.rar
Lang src: eMule0.48a_SharkX_lang_SRC.rar

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