Monday, February 4, 2008

eMule v0.48a SharkX v1.0

eMule v0.48a SharkX v1.0Changelog:
SharkX 1.0 15/01/08
update : SharkX logo and options side banner to - 10'x typo

SharkX 0.5i 15/01/08
fix : Fix GDI leak (rapid mule / leuk_he)
fix : missing RecheckIP and firewall status at CKademliaUDPListener::Process_KADEMLIA2_REQ (taz) - 10'x Enig123
fix : Optimize KAD search @ CSearchResultsWnd::DoNewKadSearch for retaining unicode compat with official (taz) - 10'x Alden

SharkX 0.5h 04/01/08
fix : show options when RTLWINDOWSLAYOUT selected (taz) - 10'x dlarge
fix : remove faulty initial value of MaxFilesPerTcpFrame @ CDownloadQueue::ProcessLocalRequests
update : Vista sensing fix (pP) - 10'x pP
add : Corrupted blocks ban threshold from Spike2v1.2 (Spike2/taz) - 10'x Spike2
fix : possible mem corruption @ CKademliaUDPListener::Process_KADEMLIA2_BOOTSTRAP_REQ fix of fix (taz)
update : KAD Guard v2 do not read from URL on start, switch URL sources (taz)
fix : add edit box to download color for active downloads & uploaders we're downloading from at mod options (taz)
fix : reload of nodes.dat from URL on KAD disconnect (taz)

Download: eMule0.48a_SharkXv1.0_BIN.rar

Downloadbereich SharkX (Download area)

Direktdownload SharkX v1.0 -Binary- (direct download)
Direktdownload SharkX v1.0 -Source- (direct download)
Direktdownload SharkX lang -Source- (direct download)

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