Monday, February 4, 2008

Cryper / EXE Packer

- New and stronger encryption Method.
- Random encryption key (everytime you crypt the same
file,the code will be different)
- Icon change
- Design
- FUD Bifi+PI
Snoop crypter.rar

Далее... система программной защиты прикладных программ, разработанная для быстрого выполнения прикладных функций защиты. ALEXPROT разработан для таких задач, как защита кода програм, а также предлагает ряд защит с использованием регистрационных ключей. Появилась возможность скачать продукт
programmatic protection system applications designed for rapid implementation of applications functions protection. ALEXPROT designed for tasks such as programming code protection, and also offers a number of protections using registration keys.
"ALEXPROT" Версия 1.1
Protector for exe files with cool import protection
ALEX Software Protection System

ALEXPROTECTOR 1.0 Beta2: alexprot.rar

Darkavengard crypter from p0ke Open Crypter
This is crypter based on p0ke one ,is still with a nice UD rate so dont spread much.
You can crypt executables and also bind them as it allow drop of file is reduced also size of stub and use a better Xor encryption.
If you have some suggestions on functions to add or find some bugs report it darkavengard[AT]

Image Crypter:

Image Scanned Stub:
dL: DarkAvengard Crypter.rar

Lite Crypter Beta: 080109Lite.rar
CRYPToCRACK PE Protector v0.93.exe
Celsius Crypt SE M0d by spain
xhacker cryper FUD.exe

rar/zip pass: to0l-base

CAUTION some may produce virus alerts!

Unpacker ExeCryptor 2.x.x. version 1.0 beta1
UnThemida 2.0.rar

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