Saturday, February 2, 2008

Crackers Toolkit 2.0

Below is a list of the current tools included

From 08/26/2005


OllyDbg 1.10 & Plugins - Modified by SLV
W32Dasm 8.93 - Patched
PEiD 0.93 + Plugins
RDG Packer Detector v0.5.6 Beta - English

Rebuilding :

ImpRec 1.6 - Fixed by MaRKuS_TH-DJM/SnD
Revirgin 1.5 - Fixed
LordPE De Luxe B

Packers :

FSG 2.0
MEW 11 1.2 SE
UPX 1.25 & GUI
SLVc0deProtector 0.61
ARM Protector v0.3
WinUpack v0.31 Beta

Patchers :

dUP 2
CodeFusion 3.0
Universal Patcher Pro v2.0
Universal Patcher v1.7
Universal Loader Creator v1.2
aPatch v1.07
PMaker v1.2.0.0
Tola’s Patch Engine v2.03b
ABEL Loader v2.31
Yoda’s Process Patcher
Registry Patch Creator
ScAEvoLa’s PatchEngine v1.33
Dogbert’s Genuine Patching Engine v1.41
Graphical-PatchMaker v1.4
The aPE v0.0.7 BETA
PELG v0.3
PrincessSandy v1.0

HEX Editor :

Biew v5.6.2
Hiew v7.10
WinHex v12.5

Decompilers :

DeDe 3.50.04
VB Decompiler Lite v0.4

Unpackers :

ACProtect - ACStripper
ASPack - ASPackDie
ASProtect > Stripper 2.07 Final & Stripper 2.11 RC2
FSG 1.33 > Pumqara’s Dumper
FSG 2.00 > UnFSG
PeCompact 1.x > UnPecomp
PEncrypt > UnPEncrypt
PeSpin 0.3 > DeSpinner 0.3
tELock 0.98-1.0 > UntELock
EXEStealth > UnStealth
Xtreme-Protector / Themida > XprotStripper v1.1
Morphine Killer 1.1 by SuperCracker/SND
ASPR Dumper v0.1
Armadillo Process Detach v1.1
Armadillo Dumper v1.0
Armadillo Nanomite Fixer
Armadillo Distance Decryptor aka Jump Table Fixer *NEW*
ArmTools (Translated!)
ArmInline v0.1
Quick Unpack v1.0b3
Procdump v1.6.2


TMG Ripper Studio 0.02

Other :

FileMon v7 (Patched)
RegMon v7 (Patched)
RSATool 2
DAMN HashCalc
EVACleaner 2.7
Process Explorer
Resource Hacker
PUPE 2002
PointH Locator
ASPR CRC Locator 1.2
PE Tools 1.5 RC5
API Address Finder
Jump to Hex Convertor
PE GeNeRaToR 1.2.1
Quick File Viewer v1.0.1
PE Insight 0.3b
Crypto Searcher
PE Editor v1.7
bkslash’s Inline Patcher
Stud_PE v2.1
Injecta v0.2
PE Rebuilder v0.96b
PE Optimizer v1.4
ToPo v1.2
NFO Builder 2000 v1.02
NFO File Maker v1.6
TMG NFOmakeR v1.0

Download without installer - cleaned: (10,3 MB) Crackerskit.2.0.rar


Download with installer (some AV may detect viruses): (19.59 MB) EXETOOL_s_Kit_2.0.rar Pass: EGN
Mirrors: Pass: EGN

Not all programs are in the latest versions but a sweet collection of tools made by different programmer, collected by TEAM ICU

Mirror sites:

more Tools:

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