Friday, August 3, 2007

MLDonkey 2.9.0

MLDonkey is a multi-platform multi-network peer-to-peer client.

- Ocaml 3.10.0 is now the default compiler
- do not compile unmaintained Gnutella/G2 by default
- non-EDK: Discover WAN IP
- Swarmer: Optional linear download- BT: Improve UTF8 support
- BT: Support user_commit_dir when seeding
- BT: Fix country-based IP blocking


2007/07/27: version 2.9.0 = tag release-2-9-0
6118: Configure: Update defaults
- enable DirectConnect by default
- disable Gnutella & Gnutella2 by default
- MLDonkey does not support UDP host cache and contains
non-working GWebCache URLs
- Gnutella/G2 code has not been updated for several years,
its officially unmaintained for now
- remove non-existing GWebCache URLs

6087: Fix logging of verbosity "bw", remove obsolete options
6085: BT: Improve UTF8 support
- parse field "encoding"
- use field "name.utf8" instead of "name", if available

5996: BT: Recognize more client types (orbit)
6065: DirectConnect: Support dc++ hublist in web_infos
6063: BT: Better detect single-file torrents

Project Homepage

Download Site @Sourceforge

MLDonkey 2.9.0 all Downloads

32bit Versions
For Windows: mldonkey-2.9.0.static.i386.Windows.exe
For Linux: mldonkey-2.9.0.static.i386-Linux_glibc-2.3.2.tar.bz2

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