Friday, August 24, 2007


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  • The template errors which appears in IE and Opera (missing page break after div class from Bookmark Post Icons script, footer) shown by all following articles above Date/Post title should be fixed now.
  • Missing graphic source definitions of size (Opera, IE), .ico graphics fixed and almost replaced.

Please post a comment to this post if you found any errors with your Webbrowser. A screenshot will be great.

The site may look different by you as from here (NetCache Application V6.x is here between, that means by all national ISP's the most content comes from catch visual back).

NEWS: We use ftp2share ( the service makes it easy to upload via ftp to some good filesharing servers. Please don't use the first links (FileDownloader Direct Download)!!! The site try to force you to download the application FileDownloader fdn which seems not to be pleasant to your system!!!
It's add the first link from alone.
Use the 2nd and 3th,.. links from: filefactory, spbland, easyshare are good services. We don't have any collectors accounts so download for free (no premium requirements).

We please all site visitors to sign up by our temporary website at:
We move the registration member database entries to other Server/Sites located in East Asia, USA with mirrors in Middle East to get access to the content, more organized with Direct Downloads via http and ftp server (no poor database file storage or posting required for download traffic consume)!
LeecherMods is free, we don't need you to register with us, and it's secure so no one can steal your traffic and display our arrivals and departures :)

Thanks in advanced

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