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BitSpirit (2007-08-11)

BitSpirit v3.3.1.150 official version of the latest release!
BitSpirit is a powerful and easy-to-use BitTorrent client which provides not only full BitTorrent protocol implementation but also many personalized features.It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, UPNP port-maping, NAT traversal(UDP transport), select downloads from multiple files torrent package, disk cache, chatting with other peers, torrent market, ip-filter, etc. In 3.0 or above versions of BitSpirit, it also supports DHT network which is based on Kademlia protocol and fully compatible with Bittorrent official client.

Main features:
* Clean interface
* Multiple simultaneous downloads
* Disk cache mechanism
* Fast job resume
* File selecting support
* Powerful file manager
* UPnP port-mapping
* Instant Messaging support
* Gzip Data compression
* Speed control
* Scheduled downloading
* Torrent Market
* Shutdown computer when job done
* HTTP/SOCKS4/5 proxy support
* High speed
* Very low CPU & Mem usage

比特精灵 v3.3.1.150正式版 MD5 (WinMD5)
主程序(BitSpirit.exe 2.90MB):AD862EF79D4D390560E9439CC517D8AE
中文版(SetupCN.exe 2.43MB):D6B68F43EFB30F8D6B0C94F1C6FC7996
国际版(SetupEN.exe 2.55MB):078E86248B8BBEA3DD1D6D06A4AF8BE8

Amendment: that the previous version of the VISTA system interface errors;
Amendment: that the previous version of the VISTA system "to prevent the system into standby mode," not work properly;
Improvements: improve connections patches, support amending the VISTA system connection limits;
Improvements: through the "personal settings" freedom of choice "authoring tool player" when used by the players;
Improvement: Other stability of the process of minor improvement;

v3.3.1.150 The final version of the Download link Version with Ads:
English version:
Multi-language version: | Mirror: bsv3.3.1.150.EN.exe (2.55 MB)
IP database (English):
IP database (Traditional):

Note: IP database will be downloaded extracting bits QQWry.dat copy of the genie installation directory plugin subdirectory. Users can download to the sky as its own station to download an updated version of the IP database.

BitSpirit v3.2.2.215 Changelog:
Amendment: v3.2.2.206 amended version of the normal shutdown;
Improvements: increased control parameters can shut down "the contents of the documents were to change." Dialog box (Reference:


Download Folder:

English / Multi language with Ads: | FileSharing Mirrors
Chinese with Ads:

Mirror Site1 | Site2

BitSpirit without Ads EdiTion

Last Ad Remover (work with this Version!): BitSpirit. (29.38 KB) BitSpirit. | FileShare Mirrors

Ad free: BitSpirit.exe (2.91 MB)
MD5: e15e712c672f3d17ebffae9bb3be5aae BitSpirit.exe

Ads Free upx exe: BitSpirit.exe (885 KB)
MD5: 0864f9ccfc226432f116ecfca7268326 BitSpirit.exe

No Installer - No Ads Green Edition (upx compressed):
BitSpirit.v3.3.1.150-AdsFree.7z (2.22 MB) | Mirror | Mirrors

extracted size on disk: 3,24 MB (3.400.691 bytes)
MD5: 90d22e744fc457f3aa8545a10b6aa8d8 BitSpirit.v3.3.1.150-AdsFree.7z
* Icons Fixed
BitSpirit Ads free

BitSpirit Ads Free Edition Complete incl. IP to Country Plugin and latest ozzy's IP filter.dat (contents all known Fake-Torrents source IP's) from 2007-08-03 (external Download
MD5: 5d9b710365bec594c779dc04c718c0cf BitSpirit.v3.3.1.150-incl.plugins-AdsFree.7z

Download: BitSpirit.v3.3.1.150-incl.plugins-AdsFree.7z (7.01 MB) | Mirror | ...more Mirrors

drop in the BitSpirit Folder: BitSpirit report-noreport Mods.7z (2.15 MB)
____________________________________________________ Team Editions:

BitSpirit bit genie v3.3.1.150 enhance Meihuaban

BitSpirit比特精灵v3.3.1.150 增强美化版
Software language : English
Software types : downloading tools / free version
Operating environment :Win2003, WinXP, Win2000, Win9X
Software Size :5.57 MB
Collated time :2007-8-12 9:11:46
Extracting Password :

Software features :
1: The meticulously comprehensive optimization.
2: Perfect remove advertisements. Including the left side of the site useless to retain useful BT website.
3: The use of Vista beautification programs
4: Remove the default start LOGO, accelerate startup. (Install version can choose whether or not to remove)
5: Complete installation procedures to imitate the original flavor, stability reservation procedure.
6: Removal of Baidu search plug-Pa.
7: Reservations language paper only in English, English
8: The IP database updated to August 10 (using the latest pure IP database)
9: First launched after installation, automatically opening bit genie Setup Wizard, select suitable for your network configuration.
10: The default closed chat function, reduce resources occupation.

Links on Website:

BitSpirit Repack genie bit green version v3.3.1.150
Software language : English
Software types : downloading tools / green version
Operating environment :Win2003, WinXP, Win2000, Win9X, Vista
Software Size :4.15 MB
Collated time :2007-8-12 8:57:37
Extracting Password :

Download from Website:

BitSpirit is a completely free, high-speed stability, and powerful, does not contain advertisements BT download software. Since its debut, its stability, high-speed, powerful, the use of the characteristics of human nature, increasingly favored by the majority of users. Bit Spirit in the old version completed a leap in performance, the new version also done a lot of details on the refinements and adjustments, performance enhancement and procedures will become more standardized and mature.

Download Mirrors:
BitSpirit bit green genie v3.3.1.150 Repack version (no installer)
BitSpirit bit genie v3.3.1.150 enhance Meihuaban (special installer)

Very good done!!!

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