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How some Websites cheat Google Page Rank

Wie Webmaster mit Apache und anderen via URL rewrite mod enable die Google Pagerank Abfrage Server faelschen.
Es ist aufgefallen das einige Domains bzw. Web Seiten einen unnatuerlichen hohen Google Pagerank gemessen an deren Besucher stats wie auch Alexa und anderen statistischen Auskunft Diensten, visuell darstellen.
Der Trick liegt nahe das kurzum mit .htaccess bzw. anderen welche URL rewrite aktiviert am Server alle Google Pagerank Abfrage Server auf eine x beliebige Domain mit hohen Pagerank 6, 7 oder gar 8 und mehr weitergeleitet werden. Dies erzielt das lediglich die fuer die Pagerank Abfrage verwendeten Google IP's dem zu Folge einen fremden gefaelschten Pagerank wieder geben welcher nicht deren Webseite entspricht sondern die eines anderen.

How Webmasters with Apache and others via URL REWRITE mod enable Webserver forward Google PAGE Rank Server IP's inquiry cheat / fake.
It is been noticeable some Domains and / or Web sites shown an unnatural high Google PAGE RANK based on their visitor stats like also Alexa and other statistic information services visually represents.
The trick is appropriate the close in short upcoming Google Page Rank update.
How they do is easy with .htaccess and/or for other Server URL REWRITE activated on them Server so that all Google PAGE RANK inquiry server via Google's IP's (all DataCenter IP's and URL's (they are the same as Google search engine IP's, normal and but using each IP or different from the 72 to different Domains with high page ranks makes it more complicated) as shown here) get forwarded on one with high PAGE Rank 6, 7 or 8 Domain and more to be passed on. This obtained that only for PAGE Rank inquiry used Google IP's redirected to the consequence a wrong high PAGE RANK shown up from another Domain which is not them own true Page Rank.
In other words they forward / redirect all Google Page Rank Datacenter to a high gifted Page Rank Domain with the result that every PR request from them Domain page rank show the page rank from the other site. If someone stolen your Page Rank the only you can do is to block his domain with and without www on your Webserver access or his Server IP or forward the thief to a Pagerank 0 site.

It is simple to fake a page rank of a site. Faking a site’s page rank is active by activating URL REWRITE MOD with the entries to forward / redirect all Google Page Ranks Server bot's IP's / Ident. The main Google Page Rank check Server (Datacenter) is visiting the site (they have 72 DataCenter), the url rewrite will redirect all Google Page Rank Server to a site with high Page Rank. For example, if they direct the Google Page Rank Servers to, the page rank will be 10.

How to check if a fake Page Rank is shown up?
- Check the domain with fake PR checkers like,, or Do not use standard PR tools or the Google toolbar, it will show you the wrong faked Page Rank which is not the real one from the website!
- Type the domain into Google ( and if another domain comes up in the first result, then the page is being redirected and is fake.
Make the Test twice with and without www to see if they have done the job well or only with or without www the redirect set.

Backlinks say nothing at all but can improve the pagerank if for example just a dozened (12) Backlinks have a high Pagerank 4 and more, Page Rank Sites with PR 3 and less brings up to nothing. Backlinks from sites with 0, 1 or 2 can give a negative feedback same as backlinks from Link collection sites and from not ranked sources (page rank excluded) subpages. Even 2000 Backlinks from unranked sub sites want push the page rank any higher but 3 or 4 Backlinks on a site with PR6 gifted Page Rank can improve the Page Rank. (Check if you are listed on a not ranked subpage only)

Some samples of faked Page Rank: use the pagerank from the real site

Result1 by
Submitted URL
You entered the url:
The submitted domain name:
does not match Google results url:
We can't verify this pagerank.
Google says its a PR "7", but an info: check doesn't return any info, which is suspicious.
Check for yourself

Result2 by
Cannot analyze if the PR is Genuine at this time...
Search result from Google for:
Site Title: SEO Tools sowie Suchmaschinenoptimierung und Pagerank -
Pagerank seems to be forged!

Shows that is redirected to Url:
"forged, cloaked Page Rank"

Result3 by
Results returned by Google:
Pagerank: 7
Submitted domain name:
doesnt match returned domain name:
The site seems to have a fake PageRank.

Praddpro found many more Page Rank services with own self faked rank see: or via Catch Blacksheeps

There been in the history in Germany many Big names where Webmasters have done violations against webmaster quality guidelines and others such as using doorway pages. will now have its popularity rating reduced to zero, the so-called 'Google Death Penalty', although the URL is unaffected. Cutts warned that is about to suffer the same fate.
A modern art of doorway pages is wordpress platform for fast copy n past published content in combination to the doorway url's or RSS republisher script to force the bot to index as many times as possible one and the same Domain name + article url to one page as destination.
(Hint blog.L-W use any Keyword Density Puller Script (keyword stuffing) below every article with Main Website Url's to them behind 'high security' forum main pages to recruit for new member sign ups)

Info about Fake Pagerank Checker:

Initialization of redirect URL's for example etc. are wrong! Use only for real Domains / Subdomains, no forwarder, cloaked url's!

Fake Pagerank Checker V 2.0

While the PR shown in the Google Toolbar is considered to be accurate for most sites, it must be noted that this value is also easily manipulated to show a fake pagerank value.

An easy way to this is that any low PageRank page that is redirected, via a 302 server header or a "Refresh" meta tag, to a high PR page causes the lower PR page to acquire the PR of the destination page.
In theory a new, PR0 page with no incoming links can be redirected to the Google home page - which is a PR 10 - and by the next PageRank update the PR of the new page will be upgraded to a PR10.

It is Not very hard to tell whether a visual Pagerank (PR) is fake/spoofed or not through this tool. just enter the domain name ( and click submit.

If site is using fake pr then this tool will tell you so.

Visit: and check if sites fake them pagerank!!!

The question is how to show my visitors that my pagerank is true genuine. Good Page Rank services announce or ban cheaters and use "User/Member page Rank Check internal" as seen by a good service as on top the remark that the page rank service from is mirrored them own page rank stolen from "WARNUNG: der Dienst riskless spiegelt UNSEREN Domain PageRank, sprich der dortige PR7 ist NICHT ECHT! (Hinweis unserer Nutzer, geprueft)"
“WARNING: the service riskless reflects OUR Domain PAGE RANK, says the there PR7 is NOT GENUINE! (Reference of our users, examined)”
another good Webmaster tools can be found here:

Of course it doesn't work with Google Blogger Sites cause they do not have access to set entries in url rewrite and scripts will be to see in source code from the website and not work 'cause the bots do not read Java script commands. But the Blogger Team can be informed as soon someone theft a Blogger Page Rank.

P.S.: We search for the name and info maybe download of a ASP script for one of our ISS Webserver. An ASP News publishing system the same as and and and many more use it. Every info how we can get it, is welcome!!! (Please no commercial clone from looks like the same done)


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