Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Xunlei Thunder v5.7.2.354

Thunder V5.7.1.338 (2007.08.26)
* Support eDonkey download link
* Information LEI increased friends list shows
* Information column mandate to increase community interaction labels
* BT security components support the mission to detect and disinfect virus

The new version functional experience, below the stability of the official release, Premium recommend probation.

In addition, the 1.0 version is not compatible with the safety download components, the new installation.

AYU - No Ads
In particular, it is said not to AYU no-advertising version of the Thunder, but the green version of the software is placed AyuConfig (AYU to advertising optimization tools), it is not sure AYU works.

仿照AYU去广告版制作的。但是去广告的方法我是通过修改Thunder5.exe这个文件而实现的(因为我不知道AYU是怎么做到的)。我在程序中添加 了AYU的AyuConfig.exe,经测试发现,其他专用链接功能在此版本中已经不能使用,太遗憾了!!!没办法,但我还是添加了 AyuConfig.exe。



Thunder.NoAD-Ayu.rar (5.95MB)
Thunder.rar (4.62MB)

AYU anti advertising model to the production version. But to my way of advertising is by amending the file Thunder5.exe achieved (because I do not know is how do AYU). I added in the proceedings of the AYU AyuConfig.exe, after tests found that other special link functions in this version can not use too sorry! ! ! No way, but I still AyuConfig.exe added.

English section:

English Language Pack and Instructions: Xunlei Translation Pack 2.0A English
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