Monday, August 27, 2007

Birds (Flyer) 2.5 - 21.08.2007

Birds (Flyer) 2.5
Birds(Flyer), The worlds fastest downloading tool. With a completely free download Diamond Grade enjoy. Support the most popular BT, EMULE (eDonkey), HTTP, FTP download in a variety of integration, so that you can switch without download. It integrates a powerful video players, support authoring tool player, but also shielding rm files for viruses at the window. Additionally, it integrates a powerful resource search function that allows you to download more quickly and more resource-rich.

Integrated BT / Emule / HTTP / FTP download a variety of ways, simple operation, without switching software.
Run and download tasks occupy very little resources, not to your normal work and study will be affected.
Download abundant resources, greater selection. All the movies, music can no longer be identified.
Absolutely free, safe, non - rogue plug-in. Special edition of the green, but also shielding rm virus shells document window!
Integrating a powerful player! Support authoring tool player, previews!
Seed optimize cache, faster access to seeds can within the shortest possible time was enough to lift the seeds of Winxp on TCP / IP connections restrictions. Let your download speed.
Integrated Resources powerful search function can be quickly search the contents of the procedure want small size, rapid installation procedures incidental to install video decoding packets.
Support for multi-task while downloading new BT choose to download documents.
Efficient NAT / Firewall piercing, UPnP support, speed up data transmission speed

Note: This software is the original home of BT upgraded version of the spirit of hope that the replacement of the original BT house genie software location.

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共享绿色Download Sites:

Download: - FileShare Mirrors

Extracted Installer (application without installer)
Files under \{app} , rename under \Plugins all files ,1.dll by removing 1 in filename copy zlibwapi.dll to root application dir

Download (Green Edition - No setup requ.): Mirrors1 - Mirror

use Universal Extractor (Inno Setup) by all Setup and Installer Software to extract better as running installer (BHO and unwanted Toolbars can be installed automatical by setups, most P2P programs do not need installation.)!!!

Found here RegKeys maybe they must be set (extracted Download contains a file 20061123.reg):
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ dianlei \ dianlei \ BitTorrent \ DownloadTorrents items of value (started "Operation enter regedit enter can be found after the above-mentioned items)

Many bt sometimes download the software download some seed, the likely next to the last 99% of the time there will be more under the scope of the situation, but the speed is quite fast,
Why? How to solve?
Because 99% of the system to many client issued a final 1% of the resources requested, or speed quickly, but a large portion may be overlap, because it has the final 1% of the population may be less so very slow increase in capacity, but also some erroneous resources came to be when the FEC lost. This time users can close the birds, HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ dianlei \ dianlei \ BitTorrent \ Endgame registry changed 0, then restart the birds, so it would not start the endgame mode. (I do not know how to enter the registry? Very simply, started "Operation enter regedit can enter after)

"Languages\\fj default-chs.xml"=dword:00000000



according to the reg file it's prepared for Multilanguage or there exist themes and extensions for other Languages.


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