Thursday, August 9, 2007

StrongDC++ 2.05 (04.08.2007) by BigMuscle

StrongDC++ 2.05StrongDC++ is a client for downloading files in Direct Connect network. It's based on CZDC++, which is made by PPK, and contains a lot of interesting features. Since DC++ has been released as Open Source, you can download a source code and edit it.

What's new in this version:
Verze: 2.05
Datum uvolnění: 4.8.2007

-- StrongDC++ 2.05 --

* fixed many crashes
* fixed displaying connection type string
* fixed passive searches for unicode nicknames (THX PPK for report)
* a lot of memory/CPU optimization
* added real upload queue (idea from Possum mod)
* fixed Invalid request when AntiFrag downloading was disabled
* removed old-styled connection types
* removing diacritics from Czech chars is disabled by default
* added "Malware MSIU32" to crash libraries
* garbage command is not sent in DC++ emulation mode
* optimized vtables
* fixed user menu in mainchat
* added root "All" to upload queue frame to display all files of all users
* updated client profiles (THX Toast)
* many other fixes - see Developer changelog
CVS Changelog
more info StrongDC++ 2.05 Forum

StrongDC++ 2.05
Fize Size: 3382KB
Language: English
License: Free

Download Site 1 - Site2

StrongDC++ 2.05Download:
Program: sdc205.7z

Zdrojový kód (Source Code): sdc205_src.7z
Language files
FAQLanguage files (mirror)Alternative Profiles.xml

A great Development from the Czech Republic

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