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Thunder Beta - Thunder Beta (2007.08.11)

Thunder Beta
Update Message: super rabbit is doing more products, though probably only modified version, but everything is beginning, we will continue to add its own content, with no guarantee that all rogues, and provide convenience for netizens of the rabbit's purpose.

* Remove all advertisements
* Some human Optimization

此主题如下 Thunder Beta Beta Updates :

* Support eDonkey download link
* Information LEI increased friends list shows
* Information column mandate to increase community interaction labels
* BT security components support the mission to detect and disinfect virus

Rabbit version modifications :
* Remove all advertisements
* Some human Optimization

Thunder rabbit version Beta Download:

In addition, on August 10 has IE7 version of the rabbit and the rabbit version of QQ 2007 Beta 4 re-update, welcome to download:
IE7 rabbit version:
QQ 2007 Beta4 Rabbit version:

Thunder brief
Thunder use more resources Hyper-Threading Technology grid-based principle, can exist on the Web server and computer resources for effective integration, constitutes a unique network of Thunder. Thunder network through various data files to the fastest speed transmission.

1 New resources to Hyper-Threading Technology significantly improve download speed;
2 The powerful task management functions, can choose a different task management mode;
3 Intelligent Disk Cache technology, effectively preventing the high-speed download of the hard disk damage;
4 Intelligent information system by the user to provide tips and related operations; Unique to the wrong diagnosis function to help users download the failure to solve the problem;
5 Virus protection, and antivirus software download files with guaranteed security;
The new version automatically detects and prompts the user timely escalation;
6 Provide a variety of skin, according to its own users can choose the preferences

More resources Hyper-Threading Technology also has the Internet to download load balancing, without lowering the user experience on the premise that Thunderbolt network server resources for a balanced, and effectively lowers the server load.

Thunder Beta
* Optimization demand and the trial of the scheduling, shortening the time gap
The new version of the functional experience version, below the stability of the official release, Premium recommend probation.
(Google Translation output from Chinese to English)

Xunlei without ads looks better!

Download incl. Ads: Thunder Beta (2007.08.11)
Download Thunder V5.7.1.338 Ayu Edition without Ads - Version w/o Installer
Xunlei Thunder V5.6.9.344 Final Ayu with no ads! (2007.08.02)
Thunder Beta with eMule (2007.07.21) All In One Downloader
Mirror: Thunder v5.7.1.338 Beta Ayu
Thunder v5.6.9.344 Ayu

Thunder NoAds Ayu (source:
Thunder V5.6.10.349.NoAD-Ayu.rar (6.33 MB) - Mirror

English by HeHeHunter:
Xunlei/Thunder V5.6.9.344 with no ads!

English section:

English Language Pack and Instructions: Xunlei Translation Pack 2.0A English
Xunlei’s FAQ

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