Sunday, August 12, 2007

cFosSpeed 4.02 Build 1312

Traffic Shaping best for
* Broadband: DSL, Cable
* Narrow band: modem, ISDN
* Mobile
* Filesharing (P2P)
* Games
* Streaming Media, VoIP
* Low Ping
* Prioritising programs
* Prioritising protocols
* Online Budgets
* Firewall

Added rx-priorisation. It works as follows:
Each class (high, default, low, lowest) has a weight assigned. Furthermore,all TCP streams are mapped to a certain class (this only applies for bulk data; e.g. ACKs are always sent out in the higher class), according to filter rules. The class weight is used when TCP windows for rx-shaping are computed. A TCP stream with weight 100 gets a window that is about 4 times bigger than a stream with weight 25. This should *usually* translate into more speed on that stream, but not necessarily (e.g. the sending server might not be fast enough).
The pre-set weights are:
class high -weight 400
class default -weight 100
class low -weight 25
class lowest -weight 6
I.e. regular browser downloads (class default) should get about 16 times the speed than Torrents (class lowest).
The weighting needs some time (some seconds) to be through, so a newly created higher-than-average TCP stream needs these seconds to come to full speed.
+ Now UDP checksums are checked as well.
+ New language: Russian. That makes a total of 17 languages supported.
+ Added "spd timerstyle" command to query (just "spd timerstyle"), set "spd timerstyle " or list supported values ("spd timerstyle -?").Changes to timerstyle are only active after a restart of cFosSpeed.
+ Added layer-7 protocols SSL_S_BULK, SSL_C_BULK and SSH_BULK. Switching of sessions between bulk and regular mode is done automatically based on speed and packet sizes. Thanks to ghorvath for inspiration.
+ Added gset variable fwlog. Setting it to 0 ("spd gset fwlog 0 -save") will disable fwlog.txt logging of firewalled packets. Thanks to danny for inspiration.
+ Straightened evaluation of which filter rules determine the class of a connection. Now rules like -tcp-dport, etc. work as well. The third column of a "spd filter" output is 'c' for rules that set the class.
+ "spd reset_budget" without specifying a budget number now resets the current budget.
x Fixed warning that is displayed if too many connections cause rx-shaping to be inefficient. It was displayed regardless of the number of connections.
x Fixed a problem where downloads would be slowed too much. Thanks to FR.
x FTPS (FTP with SSL, FTP with TLS) command sessions are now identified as FTPCMD in layer-7 detection. Thanks to ghorvath.
x Switching the medium no longer changes the shaping algorithm. This was unintuitiv. If you want a different shaping algo (variable/fixed) you now have to switch it manually.
- Streamlined some code in search of obnoxious "slow LAN copy" bug. Thanks to Steve Coolen for his help.
- Module "ackfilter" is now disabled by default. Set "ackfilter=1" in section [param] in cfosspeed.ini to enable it again. This does only switch off the filtering of presumably superfluous TCP ACKs, not the regular priorisation of TCP ACKs.
Full feature list

If you want disable by uTorrent v1.7x and BitTorrent v6 Multicast and other in- outgoing connections, edit with notepad.exe file settings.ini :
The easiest way if you want disable multicast and other connections out and incomming, use cFosSpeed
edit with Notepad settings.ini

;; drop packets to or from reserved address?
;filter=-fw -wan -s -c drop
filter=-fw -d -c drop

;; drop packets to or from broadcast address
;filter=-fw -s -c drop
filter=-fw -wan -d -c drop

;; drop packets to or from multicast addresses?
;filter=-fw -s -c drop
filter=-fw -d -c drop

; egress filtering
; don't check source ip on LAN ports, might break ip mobility support.
filter=-fw -wan !-bridged -tx !-s-mynet -c drop
; don't check dest ip on LAN ports, since DNS traffic to router would be blocked
filter=-fw -wan !-bridged -tx -d-mynet -c drop

; ingress filtering, allow incoming multicast
filter=-fw !-bridged -rx !-d-mynet !-d -c drop
; don't check source ip on LAN ports, since DNS traffic from router would be blocked
filter=-fw -wan !-bridged -rx -s-mynet -c drop

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