Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BitSpirit Leecher Pack [REPACK EdiTion] by and


- no upload and download report to tracker
- you will shown as leecher
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)

REPORT Version
- only download will be not reported to tracker
- you will shown as seeder
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)

- Ads Removed (all visual Ads are gone)
- Splash RLE compressed faster start up (the nice one as shown above)
- Country to IP dat

Latest IP filter dat is not include. Suggest to download ozzy's

* Baidu Search traces Ads plug as in Team EdiTion to unplug, I didn't figure out how to. (creates in /config the files: bsspecial.txt and send collected with file bsupdate.txt)
Unpack the dll's search for ' ' and/or ' cpro.php ' with hexedit and remove them may work. Possible in a dll such as BLink.dll or BSOPLib.dll (upx -decrompress first) BC (can replaced with Anxz once). Meanwhile use windows hostfile and block with this entries Baidu (it's not a very popular Search and advertising site outside China)

Contains noreport and report LP Mods by Seba (Big thanks)

Download: BitSpirit LP.7z (5.01 MB) first release

NEW!!! Download:
BitSpirit v3.3.1.150 Leecher Pack [REPACK EdiTion] - Mirror
BitSpirit LP.7z (4.51 MB) - Mirror | DDL1 | DDL2 | DDL3

MD5: d7a7cc84371bc46b7500b0b971db1e75 BitSpirit LP.7z
MD5: 0548314d6d62e058c72b29da2ec081a2 BitSpirit REPORT.exe
MD5: 17bd36d94167c4dfb10084e063a25b61 BitSpirit NOREPORT.exe
MD5: 0864f9ccfc226432f116ecfca7268326 BitSpirit.exe

* Fixed: unhooked 3 Ads calls
Extras: RegDoctor186.exe

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