Friday, August 17, 2007

Azureus for Windows

Azureus Vuze
Программа для тех, кого по каким-то причинам не устроили битторрент клиенты µTorrent (самый маленький) или BitComet (самый эргономичный). Собственно, именно эти три программы являются лучшими и самыми популярными битторрент клиентами в сети.
(5,18 Мб)

Отличается от других клиентов тем, что основан на Java. Программа отличается от конкурентов поддержкой плагинов, расширяющих функциональность до нужного конкретно вам уровня.

Azureus, 2007.08.16:
FEATURE: Core | Act on suspend/resume events on Windows [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Added new AZ message to inform of bad pieces [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Added new stacked HAVE message to reduce peer-peer overhead [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | IPv6 support - dht, version server, tracker and improved transport [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | New "Torrent" menu in the menu bar [amc1]
FEATURE: UI | New "Piece Distribution" subview in the pieces tab [The 8472]
FEATURE: UI | Auto-speed ping views in Tools->Statistics->Transfers when Auto Speed is enabled [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | "Clear Resume Data" menu option added [amc1]
FEATURE: UI | "Clear remembered save paths" option added (for the Open Torrent dialog) [amc1]
CHANGE: Core | Optimise memory usage for single-file downloads [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Optimise memory usage for queued torrents (no need to keep resume data in memory) [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Much better peer ID identification code added, many more clients now correctly identified [amc1]
CHANGE: Core | Changes made to identify some "fake" clients (or other clients which identify themselves in a problematic way) [amc1]
CHANGE: Core | Biased optimistic disconnect slightly against leechy peers [The 8472]
CHANGE: Core | Core changes in some places to allow "Default save path" to be used without requiring "Use default data dir" to be enabled [hasturkun]
CHANGE: Core | Reduce CPU usage when many (queued) torrents are present and in the the pieces view [The 8472]
CHANGE: Core | *nix: New startup script to detect Gecko/XULRunner and to allow better restarting [TuxPaper]
CHANGE: UI | UL/DL speed selection on right click of status bar changed from menu to scale widget. [TuxPaper]
Usage: (1) MouseDown+Drag+MouseUp (2) Click+Move+Click (3) Click+type number+Enter
CHANGE: UI | Open Torrent Window now asks to create directories if they don't exist yet, instead of evilly auto-creating them when you click the Browse button [The 8472]
CHANGE: UI | Added download status, distributed copies and completed piece count to the General torrent view [amc1, The 8472]
CHANGE: UI | User Comment field more useful in General torrent view - easy edit link, hyperlink formatting, auto-resizing [amc1]
CHANGE: UI | "Show Transfer Bar" menu option is now a checkbox menu item - so you can now hide the transfer bar using the menu item [amc1]
CHANGE: Plug | Added setVisible method for plugin menu items [amc1]
BUGFIX: Core | Fixed bug where renaming a download for a single file torrent would sometimes cause data to get out of sync and cause file errors [amc1]
BUGFIX: Core | Allow pipelined http seed requests to switch torrents [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Bootstrap DHT better when no contacts [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Fixed bug where renaming a download in some conditions would generate "Target is sub-directory" errors [amc1]
BUGFIX: UI | Fixed swarm view rendering bug where some incomplete peers were shown as full circles [The 8472]
BUGFIX: Plug | Fixed bug where previously removed child menu items would still be present when generating some menus [amc1]

Download for Windows: Download Azureus | Mirror @sourceforge

habt ihr es wirklich noetig uns jede News post ab zu kopieren. So wie wir etwas publizieren ist es 1:1 oder mit ein wenig anderen Inhalt bei euch. Soll das die Keyword Dichte bei Google verbessern wenn Ihr auf euren Platz alles wiedergebt was hier ist? Der Random relevant script bei euch unterhalb eines Artikels scheint ja nicht schlecht zu sein, nich war?... Denoch welche Ehre uns als News Source zu nehmen und bedankt :)

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