Tuesday, August 14, 2007

TuoTu v3.0.104 Bugfix release (13. Aug. 2007) English/Chinese

104 version ChangeLog 2007-8-13
* Amendment on version from August 10, empty Recycle bin will delete documents -bugfix
* Amendment on version from August 10, HTTP download of large, repeat Downloading -bugfix
* That list does not support user plug-in the flag -bugfix
* Amendments to the other small problems

The official version 3.0.104 Download Address:
Installation version: http://www.tuotu.com/install/TuoTu-3.0.104.exe
Green version: http://www.tuotu.com/install/TuoTu-3.0.104.rar

Mirrors up on Website: http://www.anxz.com/down/1810.html

BBS: http://bbs.tuotu.com
Homepage Download Site: http://tuotu.com/Download.shtm

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