Saturday, August 4, 2007

eMule v0.48a XdP v0.9 Final

eMule v0.48a [-XdP- v0.9]

Changelog v0.9:

add new Dropsystem (pP)
add Log Drops (On/Off)
add Groups in Bold ( @ Treecontrol)
add DL UL Priority Extension (Slugfiller)
add/readded Source Cache (Xman)
add Fix Connection Colllosion (Morph)
add Optimizations/Fixes @ UDPsocket & ClientUdpSocket (TK4)
add Optimizations @ Partfile
add Fix Filtered Block Request (Xman)
add Quickstart after Ip change (Stulle)
add Reask after Ip change (Xman)
add Inform clients after Ip change (Stulle)
changed all Reasktimes
changed/removed unused/buggy codeparts
changed/fixed send Filelist to server (now under Share Level)
removed Anti-XS-Xploiter
removed old Dropsystem
removed AutoDropImmunity
removed old Prefssite 2
removed OWNPrefs
little Bugfixes in codes

Changelog v0.8 HOTFIX:

- fixed problem with XS in XDP

- With Emule Ultra spam message filter -

Download + Mirrors: eMule XDP v0.9 Final.rar (1.73 MB) - Mirror1 - Mirror2 - Mirror3 - Mirror4 - ...more Mirrors1 - Mirrors2

DDL1 | DDL2 | DDL3 | DDL4 | DDL5

Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

WebSite Ads in the server info field! Don't click on it!!!! Server can bite and quick ban after sign up there. Use AOL, Telecom (Internet coffee,...) or any other Internet Provider as you normal one for this special purpose if click on it, IP logged and collected info by all members and sign ups!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seba's mod do no have such dangerous links to a website which collecting IP numbers.

Anonymous said...

Seba Mod this time the best

Anonymous said...

Protection gone , 3 seconds waiting time :-p

WebZA said...

sorry can't test it, don't work on BSD OS.

Anonymous said...

Critical Error!
message_die() was called multiple times.
Error #1

Error #2
You have been permanently banned from this board.
You don't have a permission to view this board.
This ban will never expire.

Is it allowed to collect on a Webserver IP range , scanned out and connection infos forever ? ? ?

Normal is ban by user name , email but not IP " s nummeros

Anonymous said...

I'm from Washington DC. My machine is I can not follow this link to If you have any information please contact me

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