Thursday, May 7, 2009

uTorrent 1.90 alpha build 14981 security modification by KiDr0Ck0

This decompressed and modified uTorrent Client, 190a14981mod.exe
solves several problems for me of Home Usage by blocking various
Tracking URL's allowing me to use the uTorrent Bit-Torrent Client
at home more anonymously with lesser fear of my usage being monitored.
I disabled almost all IP's possible, and uTorrent still works!
These IP's let the uTorrent WebSite track what you do with the Prog.
Maybe I'm just being a little bit overly paranoid, but I DON'T LIKE
the idea of some Program Author monitoring my activities.
As an alternate Client, I recommend the Hacker-Style BitLord Client.

For Maximum Safey, maybe even use the 'Torrent Safety' Program,
but I don't. I would hope & like that it disguises your displayed IP.

I recommend:

(1) Use the included ipfilter.dat and add entries to it
as you see fit. When in the 'Peers' Tab, right-click,
and select 'reload IP Filter' whenever you change ipfilter.dat
or restart uTorrent so you can block Bad Clients or Uploads.
Make sure that ipfilter.dat is in same Folder as the uTorrent EXE.
Also make sure that your settings.dat and resume.dat is in
the same Folder as the uTorrent EXE. Also, in:
have your Download and Torrent Folders be a Sub-Folder
of your Main uTorrent Folder, such as:
I have found that is the best way to run uTorrent.
You can change the Drive, too.
Also convenient is running on a Flash Card if Mobile/Laptop.
I included the ipfilter.dat settings.dat resume.dat files
Just copy the EXE and the above three (3) files to:
then run the EXE. All my recommended settings are set up.
All you have to do is change your Up/Down speeds in:

(2) Run a FireWall and Manually Block IP's and
This is also done for you in ipfilter.dat but do BOTH!

(3) In Preferences/BitTorrent, DISABLE ---> LPD and DHT.
(but still allow scrape info and Peer Exchange)

(4) Make sure DBGHELP.DLL is NOT in your System Path.
If it is, rename it, or delete it. Make a Backup of it.

(5) The uTorrent Search is a Tracker. DON'T use it!
Besides, it has been ruined ever since ver 1.7 anyways. F|_|ckers!

(6) Make sure the uTorrent Internal Tracker in:
is set to: false (default) (another worthless uTorrent tracker)

I also recommend, that you, the User of this Prog, use a
Hex Editor Prog, and do a compare of all the bytes that I changed,
and check and verify all my changes. It's real simple and straight
forward. I just changed to and all other URL's
to some form of

Feel free to restore anything back to Original that you see fit.
I included the Original uTorrent (UPX-Packed), and an Unmodified,
Decompressed version, plus my mod file - all source EXE's!

NOTE: Plug-n-Play and certain XML services are disabled.
Some W2K/XP Users may want to reverse that for their Routers.
But I recommend configuring your Router Manually, or use a Port
between 80 and 1023 especially if you download at a WiFi Spot.
Most WiFi Spots (any Router) block ports 1024 and above by default.

Most Users really won't notice any difference between this,
and a Stock uTorrent Prog. I haven't.
But for peace of mind, you will like it. Most all Tracking removed.

Another Note:
This Client displays as Ver. 1.9 but uTorrent is only up to 1.83!
I got this straight from the uTorrent Website; I did NOT mod the
Ver number, it's a special Alpha build, with almost no difference
between it and 1.8.3 build 15104. I was very lucky to find this build.
I saw others using it, and I found it. It was originally released to
be a temporary work-around for various sites banning Ver. 1.8x builds.

So, the best of both worlds.

Also, I nice new feature is when Right-Clicking on Download File Name,
is 'force recheck', where all CRC Values are rechecked. Very handy!


Download: uTorrent190alpha14981secure.rar | Mirror | DDL | Mirror | Mirror

Thank you very much!!!


IlLusioN said...

I can not more find in the newer builds in hex the position of the ip to country database server.

It was a Server address domain in Denmark or Swedish (url domain) databse server in the exe (when use not resolve from connected clients). somename.domain, like that it was...

If it is not especially for utorrent then we all can use it in all possible applications and send in the required norm the request to that server and get the client ip's to country back also in emule mods and save a lot of code lines.

What about ip v6 like: 2001:db8::1428:57ab

can remove this address or not, for what is it???

Anonymous said...

me where are all archived Builds gone. A while ago local utorrent sites like the Czech, polish and German utorrent page did mirror- host all builds.

Now I search one version before 1.8.2 final cause in the Final is this stupid toolbar downloader inside the embedded installer.

If known that before that uT follow this what BitComet once did wrong and now cleaned from the client, can change to BC or BS. I dont think China Software send user info to USA and Europe Anti-P2P.

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