Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TuoTu 3.3.111

From rabbit TuoTu 3.3.111 improve download P2SP

Stand-alone game delivery network Rabbit (TuoTu) is 3 adopt into one program. The fourth-generation download cross-transmission protocol engine software. From 3 rabbits (http/emule/bittorrent) comes a all-in-one in a beautiful interface. Easy to operation and a wealth of resources allows more user-friendly multi protocol download engine (P2P and ftp/http).

3 rabbits from the current epidemic of integrated download software tool.
The biggest difference is that the rabbit in 3 to the original transfer agreement independent of each other get through each other. Each document can be achieved from different sources to the obtain Transfer Protocol. A clever solution to use all the transport protocols. In short, a greatly increased of the download speed, stability and effectiveness of network resources.
In the future users do not have to go into different programs for BT, eMule, HTTP protocol to download with complex settings. The rabbit (TuoTu) make use of all protocols after the installation and you can quickly and easily download.

v3.3.111 2008.09.23
* Solve some cases: Access to Link URL's from IE problem of garbage
* P2SP: resolve some of the core HTTP file name will appear as% xx format
* P2SP: download complete solution for checking, mandate the suspension could lead to inconsistencies between the state mandate
* BT: filling of documents (padding file) identification
* Increased: the number of auto repair incomplete ed2k link function
* Invalid for a number of amendments to the text ed2k link tips and prompt way
* To prevent some cases, inside page will be opened to repeat the question
* Improved: Maxthon browser support
* TCP half-open connection tool updated

with eMule (v0.48a) - emule.dll (Copyright © 2002-2007 Merkur)
English Gui Language - lang_dll.dll

TuoTu is a powerfull dual language (Chinese and English to switch) Multi Protocol Downloader Engine.

How to switch the GUI to English (Click on the picture for fullsize)

Download site:
No Install Version: TuoTu_3.3.111.7z 2.48 MB

Special Edition: TuoTu_3.3.111 special.rar 2.68 MB

older versions: (no install)


Anonymous said...

Where do i change the language from chinese to english?

Anonymous said...

Where do i change the language from chinese to english?

IlLusioN said...

Click on the TuoTu Menu Icon as shown on the picture. A Menu shown up, on the button (very last) select English

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