Friday, September 26, 2008

Apple Safari 4.0 (528.1.1) for Windows Developer Preview

Safari 4 - 5528.1 for Windows
Safari 4 Developer Preview - Update!
Build 528.1.1 for Windows OS

Apple’s Developers Connections Apple released a new seed of Safari 4.0 Developer Preview Version 4.0 (5528.1) for Leopard, Tiger and Windows.

Notable changes include:

1) CSS support for masks, gradients, reflections, and specifying a named canvas.
2) Rudimentary support for the WAI-ARIA (Rich Internet Application) and cross-site XMLHttpRequest specifications.
3) Ability to send messages between documents.
4) Storage of data either locally or just for the user’s session.
5) Option of running web applications outside of a browser or when disconnected from the network.
6) Canvas pixel manipulation

Direct Access require free sign up by:

Safari 4 Developer Preview - Update
This preview release is English only. Please include "Safari 4 Developer Preview" in any feedback. Windows users should uninstall any old versions of Safari before installing.

Download Name File Size Date Posted
Safari 4 Developer Preview Release Notes (PDF) 164 KB 22 Aug 2008
Safari 4 Developer Preview for Windows (40A12) (Zip) 25.1 MB 22 Aug 2008

older Developer Preview Version 4 Build

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