Wednesday, September 24, 2008

eMule 0.49b ZZ-R V1.4 beta

eMule 0.49b ZZ-R 1.4 beta


ZZ-R V1.4 beta (eMule 0.49b)

+ Show # in Chunk Detail
+ Copy/Paste Friendlink
+ ChatLog
+ Connection Checker
+ Downloaded History
+ Spamming server column at searchresults
+ Show Country in Friendinfo
+ Vagaa detection
+ Country Filter
+ Server Rotation
+ Enable Quickstart after Server rotation
+ Generate random Nick Button
+ German language file updated
+ Neutral Feedback
+ Some Official fixes
+ changed: Default Nick
+ changed: Default IPFilter.dat update URL
+ updated: Queued Disc-Access
+ updated: Safehash
+ updated: Dynamic Block Requests
+ updated: Flush Thread


ZZ-R is developed by morph4u

Download: emule.0.49b.zz_r.v1.4.beta.rar 6.05 MB - DDL

ed2k link: eMule.0.49b.ZZ-R.V1.4.beta.rar

ZZ-RS V1.4 ???


Anonymous said...

ZZ-RS V1.4 beta

Anonymous said...

i wonder if there would be 1.4 zz-rs... i hope so!

Anonymous said...

morph4u please make zz-rs again!

Anonymous said...

ZZ-R V1.4 Final


ZZ-RS V1.4 Final


IlLusioN said...

Thanks a lot for the update!

Great mod!!!

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