Thursday, September 25, 2008

innounp, Inno Setup Unpacker 0.23 (Build: 080824)

Plus (Build: 080824)
According to the source code for this version enhance the roles of the latest Inno Version.
This procedure updates come to an end for the time unless there is a new inno, otherwise this program will not get updated.

Special thanks to:
tracky, cwx

Build :08-08-24
Fix: adopt amendments to outside. Bin file can not unpack issues

Build :08-08-08
Add: New show Password Hash, Password Slat value.

Build :08-06-25
BugFix: -R parameter to amend a package solution

Build :08-03-18
Improved: access to the password function

Build :08-03-13
updated: to unpack version Inno Setup 5.2.3

Build :08-01-08
Improved: "-k" parameter function, that more effective version of the exhaustive

Build :08-01-07
Improved: access to the password feature. You can more easily get the password

Build :07-10-28
Increased: the options
-k version of the law on the use of exhaustive unknown version of the installation package solution package (beta)
When using the following parameters: -s, -r two parameters will fail
From the exhaustive use of high version to low version unpack until the success of the package solution

Build :07-10-14
updated: to unpack version Inno Setup 5.2.1


Download: innounp+v0.23(2008-08-24).rar
Mirror: innounp+v0.23(2008-08-24).rar 105.31 KB

English GUI: InnounpW.exe 56.00 KB

older English binary build for unpack Inno Setup up to v5.2.3: innounp.exe 101.00 KB
other version: innounp020.rar 104.95 KB

other Inno Tools1 - inno tools 2

Various new unpacking tools

ArmaG3ddon V1.5.1
Author: Condzero

Armag3ddon Armadillo unpacking tool designed specifically to deal with the many protection features available in versions 3.78 thru 6.04 (see readme.txt for details)
To unpack and analyses uTorrent + BitTorrent Mods by SBI ^_^ No Virus in there
Size: 999.06 KB

ActiveMARKDecrypter V1.1
Author: Nacho-Dj

ActiveMark programs are like compressed and crypted archives, containing different files, like zip. This tool help you extracting and decrypting them.

Dumper for ActiveMark 6.2 -FULL Sources and TWO Tutorials included-

Homepage ARTeam:

Detemida - Themida

- Detection of the major versions Themida / WinLicense protected files. Some people give up TMD plus free horse kill for the idea.
- Integrated display of the watermark, you can see when using a watermark.
- DIY like a friend to hand it to try.

Detection principles:
- Fuzzy matching, static decoder.

- Watermark will match the version and show the watermark
- 3 fuzzy match
- 2 Hide from PE Scanners detection. Prompt manner hide
- Paragraph testing data

VC8 need to run the library
Homepage - Download: Detemida.rar 643.04 KB

...most can be adapted to universal extractor \bin (uniextract) Homepage:

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