Saturday, September 6, 2008

eMule v0.49b ECB Mod v0.2c Beta 1 by Tr0nYx

eMule 0.49b ECB Mod 0.2c Beta 1 by Tr0nYx

Homepage: ;
Coders announces BBS: ( ;

- DaZZle Share levels (w/o publish to server options etc.) Limited only for non community clients!
- Argos Dynamic Anti-Leecher Protection v 4
- enhanced Bandwidth and General network tweaks options (Neo BandwidthControl)
- Community Upload/Bandwidth Management
- by default with 1:3 Ratio

- Not Announced at the Time/Date of this publication -
07. Sept. 2008 @04:20 (GMT+8h) HongKong

emule.exe ( File size: 5619712 bytes ) compiled @48C28AA6 : 06.09.2008 13:50:30 (GMT+1h) Germany

Download from Home Station:
Mirror: ecb Mod v0.2c.rar 2.40 MB

Statement: This blog is not related to seba14 php WordPress blog site nor do we create screenshots in size of > 80 ..100 kb ( wow 166 KB (170'560 bytes)
Last but not least, the eMule European Community also promoted here with the publication of the appropriate client software.

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