Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Colorpicker 1.4

Application ColorPicker is a tool to select colors that will be useful mainly webmasters and developers, but it may be useful to other Users, however, also helping in the selection of the chosen color scheme or pattern of Windows. The application code chosen color standards Hex, RGB, HSV, CMYK, HTML, C + +, Delphi and Visual Basic along with the information, whether the color belongs to a secure Web color palette. In addition to the above formats users can define their own, so that the format can be adapted to the color used by any application or programming environment. It is also possible to load the color palette or directly from the screen at the same time increase its part indicated with cursor. For each collection of color it is possible to display shades of color which allows for easier selection of colors in the application.

Licencja: Freeware
Author: Christoph Mortka

Main features and capabilities of Colorpicker 1.4:

* Display color code in the standard Hex, RGB, HSV, CMYK, HTML, C ++ Delphi and Visual Basic
* Convert color codes among themselves
* Ability to define their own color code
* Display the selected shades of color
* Ability to save the most popular color
* Ability to download the color palette of Windows from any place the screen or color system
* To inform you whether the chosen color to be safe palette Web (Web-Safe)
* Simple intuitive operation
* Free for personal use and commercial use.

Changes in the version 1.3:

* Changed the icon
* Added ability to convert color code to CMYK format
* Added the possibility to view color code in a User
window shades of color
* Improved the appearance of certain controls included in the compositions
Desktop in Windows Vista
* Removed a bug that in certain situations, prevents the addition of or save your color / colors
* Removed a problem with the display of colors in Windows Vista user
* Optimized certain procedures in the program
* Updated help files

Welcome to the collection use and testing!

Information about the program colorpicker:
Screenshots from the colorpicker:

Download Polish Version:
Our try to translate it into English (incomplete - need Polish Language knowledge support or Author make English too?)

Download English Only: 1.52 MB - Mirror (upx): ColorPickerEnglish.exe 1.10 MB
Version English/Polish Download: 3.06 MB - Mirror

news source:

Great program not only for web designer!
This Freeware application is better as some commercial programs doing the same job. (ColorCatcher.v3.0.WinAll.Cracked-l33t3r.rar)

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