Thursday, September 25, 2008

emule 0.49b PrE Mule v1.0

eMule 0.49b PrE-Mod 1.0
eMule PrE v1.0 by Sarutobi
Based on NeoMule 4.55

PrE Mule changeLog

+ No Upload
+ Upload Protection
+ ShareLevels (dazzle)
+ No Publish file to network
+ QueueLevels *do whatever you want to your queue*
+ PrC Credit System
+ NickThief
+ FakeRank
+ MultiKick
+ MultiBan
+ Start Upload
+ Timer Change Server
+ Shutdown Pc or Emule on all downloads completed
+ Color active downloads
+ Color server list
+ Auto Ip Filter Update
- Ratio

+: Added Feature
-: Removed Feature
*: Fix/Change

Neo Mule 4.55 Changelog
Updated to 0.49b
some minor fixes

Download: emule_0.49b_pre_mod_v1.0.rar 5.08 MB

ed2k link: eMule 0.49b PrE-Mod v1.0.rar

Good new mod from Italy!

can select down and upload limit independend: eMule 0.49b PrE-Mod v1.0 - No Ratio.7z 4.88 MB


Anonymous said...

I've tried this mod. Really interesting. But I've seen NO ratio.
This is a screenshoot of original pre-mod. I've set upload to 1 kb/s but download is still unlimited.
Try it by yourself.

Garci said...

This one is a very good mod.

IlLusioN said...

Sorry I did not test cause the slider show 1:3 if hit the checkbox down and upload limiter.

Most mods slow the download speed to 6 -8 kb/s if limit only upload to 1 kb.

I'm afraid I can not test it now. The Internet speed under the week is to slow here.

I did correct the main post. Thank you!!!

der_tuxman said...

Now what's wrong with ratio?

Anonymous said...

26/09/2008 17:40:14: Unknown exception in CUploadQueue::UploadTimer

same error all time... pls fix it! GREAT JOB!

Anonymous said...

Can the max. shared files by more than 30.000 + increase, stabilize the process as mentioned on by NEO mule 4.55?

Anonymous said...

i've tested this mod for a bit and gave up a bit prematurely after a night of leeching. No matter what I did the mod would not upload to anybody. I cant wait till someone makes a neomule mod more for releasers than leechers, I have no patience anymore to search through config files or clean them all to make my mod upload. With a bit of work i think this mod could be great.

Anonymous said...

I try to upload to this mod,strange no more as 5 kb/s to this client while to others 12 and more..!

Anonymous said...

About CUploadQueue::UploadTimer error.
Disable "Upload only to emule clients", the bug is there.
The coder said will be fixed on next release.

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