Wednesday, September 24, 2008

eMule 0.49b tyro next v0.2b by MarioHH

eMule 0.49b tyro next 0.2b
based on eMule 0.49b ZZUL Plus 1.0
ChangeLog: 0.2b

~ The Community issue for European Community is fixed now [Tronyx]

eMule tyro next v0.1b
all Libs Updated to actual libs by TRONYX

- No Powershare for Nickthiefs & Modthiefs
- ClientAnalyzer

+ missing Checks for PPgTweaks2 - now they work correct) [MarioHH]
+ ARGOS [merged from X-Ray] / [Xanatos/JvA]
+ European Community [10x TRONYX for implementing] <- didn´t work properly
+ ReAsk Single Client [MarioHH]
+ Friendhandling [Xman]
+ ClearBans [Tuxman/MarioHH]
+ Kick&Ban [trit/MarioHH]
+ Push2Upload [trit/MarioHH]
+ DropSystem [merged from X-Ray]
+ ManualClientManagement[merged from X-Ray]
+ StopDownload [merged from X-Ray]
+ AutoDropImmunity [merged from X-Ray]
+ Links for Server list and nodes file [Stulle]
+ Random Modstring [unseen.evil]
+ Upload only 2 eMule [DaZZle based]
+ Community / Anti Community / Anti Mod [mighty knife]
+ Upload Slot Control [KTS]
+ BetterPassivSourceFinding [merged from X-Ray]
+ Filefeedback [icecracker/MarioHH]
+ Clipstat [merged from X-Ray]

~ Changed some Splashscreen Stuff
~ Changed Modname

Download: eMule v0.49b tyro next v0.2b.rar 1.89 MB

ManMann WinMann 4 le ChangeLog's [HyperMan]

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