Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BitSpirit Ads Free! English - Chinese - Polish - German

BitSpirit v3.3.2.327 Ads Free!
Bitspirit v3.3.2.327 official version

Fixed: that the "seed file downloads to stop after the completion of tasks" from the seed market to add the task of non-functional;
Fixed: that is not defined in detail the types of tasks after the download is complete, "downloaded" shows that there is no problem.
Fixed: connect a few patches of potential problems and to add the amendment to the 2003 SP2 support (for normal to download and use no impact);
Fixed: that the chat request prompted the icon in the most exceptional circumstances can not automatically lead to the resumption of the process lost the task bar icon;
Fixed: that the opening of "random port" if access to personal settings and save the port will lead to be restored to a designated port;
Fixed: that the "edit request" in certain circumstances there may be minor memory leak problem (very minor and do not affect download);
Improved: the task list more secure preservation mechanism, and an error when the task list will automatically back up files from the corresponding resume;
Improved: to increase the functions of TCP port testing, automatic test users of the network state ( for more information;
Improvement: additional time to determine features of computer time is not normal (a difference of more than a month) and the seed market can not receive goods;
Improved: mini-column width adjustable (very small, small, ordinary, large, in addition, can edit the TipWidth user.ini custom, between 195 to 1024);
Improvement: seed market increase, "delete the list" function used to filter has been added and deleted the mandate of (the default is not open);
Improvement: optimize out some useless procedures and the impact on the efficiency of the code (in a functional increase in the volume diminished BitSpirit.exe about 60 KB);
Improvement: Vista system interface shows that some of the sound;
Improvement: The localization module to accelerate the optimization of procedures at the start;

Main Program changes:

- Removed all random *.txt and *.bmp downloading Ads (created under \config) and there update interval to all there url's (BSNEW=; *special; etc., ...)
- Removed Stats send receive to BS url's
- Removed Goods Market Collection (send the collection of your torrent to others)
- BS Search (sfilter, mfilter) keyword filter
- The port to SPParser.exe (don't need)
- Banner etc. (overwrite speed graph and Gui) if these files are present it wont make use of it nor download new banner files

To No Installer added:
- added: MyUPnP.exe Tool (latest Version)
- added: German Language File for BS v3.x

Download Program:
2008.9.15. 17:21 2459503 bsv3.3.2.327.EN.exe
2008.9.15. 17:21 2647403 bsv3.3.2.327.CN.exe

Multilanguage program exe hacked:
Download: BitSpirit.exe 2.80 MB

with less resources \config: BitSpirit.exe 867.00 KB

Replace BitSpirit.exe in installation folder

No Install version: English, Chinese, Polish and German Language files include
Download: 2.56 MB

BitSpirit v3.3.2.327 Micro lightweight size standalone (beats ĀµTorrent in size) include Language files:
bsv3.3.2.327.EN-DE-CN-PL-micro.7z 0.97 MB (1'026'244 bytes)
installed/extracted size only 1.30 MB (1'363'974 bytes)

Extras (Torrent Builder, My UPnP Tool, max TCP-IP connection limitation patcher, splash screen): extras.7z 824 KB (843'926 bytes)

Config for preview:

use Gabest Media Player Classic or any other

Player = C:\folder path to\Media Player Classic\player.exe

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