Thursday, September 18, 2008

eMule 0.49a IS Mod 0.23a beta5

eMule v0.49a IS Mod v0.23a beta 5 by Borschtsch
Russian Community eMule Mod

- Kad
- Ability to join public ed2k server, file sharing with the public ed2k network users is disabled.
- many eMule standard features (server connect, add servers, kad network connect, protocol Obfuscation, see my shard files/directories permission,...)

+ SSL / https community ed2k server login ( ;; script=auth.php login= passwd=

+ community chat, Folder shares path mapping, IS Mod Options,...
+ enhanced search (search dirs, search user, don't show own files in search,...)
+ IS Mod Toolbars/Skins load feature
+ Winsock: Version 2.2
+ CPU Optimizer AMD/Intel


16.07.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta1:
-- The base version eMule 0.49a (with all the ensuing consequences in the form of support UPNP and other opportunities. Read changelog.txt)
-- Included significant changes from gureedo, which is designed to improve the process of downloading files (not speed). More information is better read here;
-- Other minor changes;
-- Otherwise, unlike previous versions 0.22f not yet. We hope they will soon appear.

22.07.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta2:
-- The possibility of adding the source of several files
-- Changeable option - time display pop-up tips (popup'a)
-- Fixed all noticed errors in the first beta
-- Multidisciplinary support
-- New installer
-- Support work under multiple simultaneous users

02.08.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta3:
-- Maximum length chatting uvilichena to 65000 characters
-- Sign rewritten (OpenSSL)

28.08.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta4:
-- The bug when you click the right mouse button on the hyperlink in the chat box, etc.
-- Rasshireno field display total wa rassharennyh files
-- A translation of communications SSL authentication (hope that the texts of possible errors become a little clearer)
-- Various internal changes

10.09.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta5:
-- Fixed error while trying proheshirovat rassharenny, but blocked by someone file
-- Build support SSE2
-- Various optimization
-- Added missing icon virtual directory in the context menu
-- Now the program should not influence work and setting from the original eMule
-- bug creation / editing category

read more (Beta3)

Homepage: ;


BIN: 3.83 MB
older version: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 3.47 MB 2.69 MB

Installer: eMuleISMod0.23a_beta5.exe 3.22 MB
older version: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 4.exe 2.91 MB

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