Friday, August 1, 2008

eMule 0.49b ZZ-R V1.2

eMule 0.49b ZZ-R V1.2
eMule v0.49b [ZZ-R V1.2] by morph4u

Ecco la release della ZZ-R V1.2 basata su eMule v0.49b

- DaZZle Share levels
- Community + Release Community Groups Boost
- Friend Boost up to x200
- Reask, Quickstart,...
- Random, Custom Mod String, No Mod String
- Nick Faker, Antiupload protection, Emulate other clients,...
- ZZ-R Protection
- ...

How to activate Sharelevel on ZZ-R 1.x (morph4u Mod)

Look in the "preferencesZZR.ini" for "GlobalHLS"
and set it to "1"

Download: eMule.0.49b.ZZ-R.V1.2.[ex.ZZULtimativ-R].rar 3.87 MB - Mirror
Please check HOTFIX Version !!!


Anonymous said...

Works very well! It kick all lechers from upload. Tested with vmule and some other nasty mods

Marcell said...

A pleasure to release with this mod. Run very smooth!

Anonymous said...

Run good no mod or nick thiefs with it. Morph4u keep it up, great mod!

Anonymous said...

be sure to download the fixed version . ed2k://|file|eMule.0.49b.ZZ-R.V1.2.HotFix.(ex.ZZULtimativ-R).rar|4082402|F4B7DD3D5CF1C14C6529A8646A64B946|/

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