Thursday, August 14, 2008

eMule 0.49b BigBang v2.5 Ads mod - Ads removed, NoRatio

eMule 0.49b BigBang v2.5 Ads mod - Ads removed, NoRatio
- Ratio > connection settings > speedlimits > upload can be set to as little as 1 kb/s
- all embedded Ads
- ....

hoops... please change username in emule settings!!! set to
and the startpage with the ads removed
usenext as alternative when newbees got caught using emule to remind there was usenext is the last resort. Usenext download prices are high and get up to nothing.

BigBang v2.5 Ads free here to download: eMule 0.49b BigBang v2.5 Ads removed NoRatio.rar - Mirror - DDL


der_tuxman said...

Now what exactly is all this no ratio stuff about?

Anonymous said...

There are limtits, have you ever ask your self if there will be no limits?
I saw some screenshots and how people abuse the freedom to have no limits. Even more freedome of choice even more can not more handle the more freedome they got. I understand strange people needs hard limits. For me its 2 controls to move independend but it doenst mean that there have to be set 1kb up if you not in need of it.

der_tuxman said...

The limits are there for a certain reason. Less upload causes less network health. What the hell is wrong with giving 10 KB/s at least?!

Anonymous said...

Sure give as much as you can. Hell why should anyone slow it down by self in adjustment if its not needed?

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