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FlashGet Mini v1.2.0.1037

FlashGet Mini
Don't look at my Download speed I have a terrible ADSL LineFreeware Download Manager

Tiny powerfull download manager for http/ftp/mms/media streams/bittorrent,...

some bugs in version 1.2 can also be said that based on Build 1037

Installer Chinese:

Program is English/Chinese Language can be select

Mini Express (FlashGet Mini) V1.2 release the new version download strengthen FLV
WHO network of business software news channel.

August 20 at 12:30 Express FlashGet MINI released the latest version.

Download the official address:

FlashGet MINI 1.2 will have a revolutionary and also suspended all dreamed of window-table form emerged;

FLV detect changes in the form of passive to active exploration, not only in this way to the use of the public demand, but also on the detection and the ability to download FLV, than many of the leading competitors;

1.2 version updated list:

v1.2.0.1037 (1.2) 2008-08-20

Add: Add a mini-Express support for exploration in the website of the Flash and streaming media files displayed on the icon to download function.
Add: Add the automatic update feature.
Add: FireFox add a link to download all the functions.
Add: "Download all links" inside the link selection dialog, add the left side of the High filtering options to facilitate users to quickly use this feature.
Add: Add the suspension can set the display window of the maximum speed of the function.
Add: Right-download menu, add the "tasks and documents to delete" function.
Add: Add a table-style window suspension.
Fix: Repair of the 1.1 version of the Mini Express and the 1.0 version of the BHO not compatible with the problem.
Fix: Baidu mp3 download time, if the Notes are behind. "" When, through the naming of the Notes will be removed from these points, user-friendly to rename. Thank Zhao strong.
Fix: Repair in Vista under the options panel inside "BT set up" the "home" does not appear integrity problems.
Change: When BHO made for the Notes unknown, the name used by the Notes, the Notes will be overlooked. This feature will be useful on some sites, for Zhao strong.
Change: Edit the download link in the name of the mandate to 16-band data that, it may be interpreted as garbled problem.
Change: Edit prompted a dialogue box, the title character does not show the full problem.
Change: Edit the FireFox download in less than a single link from the issue of the Notes.
Change: Edit the main panel hidden, if the suspension is in the main window pane was the location, but also has the following tasks, the mouse will appear at the time tooltip issue.
Change: Edit the Download link at all, the name and the link does not match the problem.
Change: that in the vista below can not drag the link to the issue of suspension window.
Change: Edit the server in a number of issues, the server told the client, the need to upgrade version, not-so many times the information, and will not override the other information.
Change: Edit the file name contains a torrent unicde code, the problem can not be resolved.
Change: Edit the mini-sometimes not withdraw from the bug.

BTCore use the following DHT Mainlines: node:// node:// node:// node://
Annonce urls's are:

Support and used BT User-Agent: BitTorrent/4.1.2 Accept-Encoding: gzip
HTTP/1.0 > announce-list

Problem if you use a Router and download via torrent. No Option to regulate (limit) max. connections. It can be by 3 torrents grow over 1200 connections at once!

Torrent settings under \BITS\ in application folder local pc

Full Changelog


Ads/stats removed - No community Version

FlashGet Mini Without Kuaiche


- Info.exe (stats collection in flashget.exe)
- Kuaiche (search + sites)
- > rising global
+ BarSet.bmp > english Graphic size Gui corrected
+ Language-eng.xml utf
- p2snetio.dll changes: and removed
- btcore.dll changes:, testfile removed
- p2pcore.dll changes:, removed

File to block in firewall / router access from the internet:
core_stat.dll (stats up/download) / saves some bandwidth on the isp traffic consume (server url removed in the dll) - File can be removed from folder / file is not necessary to run the program
libStatistics.dll (stats up/download) / saves some bandwidth on the isp traffic consume (server url removed in the dll)

English Language File updated! - Download - Mirror
Skin Template: skin.xml
Copy/overwrite existend (old Language-eng.xml) in FlashGet-mini folder

Renew with Google Search (kuaiche replaced)
Files updated!

Type search on top right and hit enter

Download: flashget_network.rar 1.97 MB - Mirror - DDL

Replace or run as standalone

Run (regsvr): regsvr32.exe libMiniBHO.dll
to register the Browser Helper Object which enable click catcher by weblinks in webbrowser

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