Thursday, August 14, 2008

eMule 0.49b Titandonkey v5.1 by Ekliptor

Applejuice Ekliptor Mod updated to eMule 0.49b code base

Changelog 5.1:

- merged to eMule v0.49b
- improved Community features
- file search
- removed Razorback 3 Servers
- many improvements

spezial features:
-adjustable Highspeed Credit System (Applejuice)
- Dual Server Connect
- advanced security features (e.g. AES 256 Bit)
- Highspeed Community

Mod Homepage:
BBS Applejuice:

Download BIN: 2.77 MB
ed2k link:
as NSIS Installer Pack: eMule.v0.49b.Titandonkey.v5.1.installer.exe 2.24 MB >

Connect by startup to:

Without UseNext:
eMule.v0.49b.Titandonkey.v5.1.bin-No Usenext 2.27 MB

- Ratio (near 0 up) (1kb/s only - unlimited down speed) might be possible


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Anonymous said...

Very good Mod - b.t.w. and very good Downloadportal as well :)

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