Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flashget Mini 1.2

Flashget-Mini V1.2

Nice and Fast upcoming Download Manager from FlashGet comes with a nice Gui.
No Ads at all. Only in the program exe a few, Help News on top
p2snetio.dll* ( if block this dll it stop downloading - inside are this urls with POST Host command: ), adns.dll (???might be blocked???), core_stat.dll and stats in libStatistics.dll (Blocked)

For BitTorrent may required to allow p2pcore.dll (P2PModule DLL), btcore.dll* ( strange there is embedded: ),

* here the dll's with the above url's removed/breaked : moddedexe-dlls.rar 944.33 KB

See screenshot how to controll with Rising Firewall application dll's, under advanced settings > Module (it's the easiest way to test application components in/out traffic connections):

迷你快车(FlashGetMini) v1.2 正式版

Cool Design, works great!
Gui is English
Installer is Chinese
NSIS Setup (you can extract the installer using universal extractor)

All tests showing a good performance Download Manager (to consider my internet is not very fast).

Some Mirrors:

Program Exe without and Help on top (MiniFlashGet Cover Flow

English / Chinese

Download Installer extracted: flashgetmini_v12_blue.rar 2.24 MB - DDL

kuaiche comm free: NEW UPDATED!!! Link here

Remarks: To catch browser clicks to download, the bho needs to run with regsvr32 from command prompt:
eg.: regsvr32 libMiniBHO.dll
in the FlashGet mini directory

Switches to register in windows a dll are:

Download Original Installer Chinese. Program is English / Chinese: flashgetmini_v12_blue.exe 3.30 MB - DDL

Info Google Translated:

Flashget Mini most users will need to download the elements集于一身, is "just to download and students" outstanding download software. Optimizing the core, a substantial increase download speeds. An instant reaction speed and the start-up system resources very low occupancy rate makes it easy trip. No ads again and snatch the occupation of your viewpoint. Elegant designs and colorful skin can highlight your personality. After the beta1, beta2, beta3, the mini-Express version finally released.

Mini-Express version Features:

Download: Download optimized core, let you download faster
Appearance: a new interface design, Centro and the perfect combination of sophisticated
System resources: the system resources very low occupancy rate, only one-eighth of similar software
Green: pure ad-free, install software similar size is one-third
Start: an instant response rate, completely did not feel any "card" the feeling
Simple: Flashget-Mini does not need a study of the software, with powerful features only seven buttons that allow you to use immediately.
Skin: official download and release of various skin and skin support DIY, you highlight the personality stage
EDGE: innovation-paste function, returned to you the full desktop
FLV: read will not miss, to support the major video sharing site video downloads, such as potatoes, youtobe, 56, etc.
Management: WINDOWS support such as the same sort of way, so that you are well aware of the documents downloaded
The task list: first the size of the task list can be switched display, and can easily run to open files and directories to facilitate Dao Jidian.
Dynamic Suspension window: real-time task to inform you download speed and progress, use of networks (download speeds, upload rate, the average rate), allows you to download the mandate of the current situation with the network at a glance
Boss Key: Download fear of the boss grasp » Easily customized Boss Key, and all downloaded in the background, suspended window, tray icon统统not disappear

Flash Get Mini v1.2.0.1037 (1.2) 2008-08-20

Add: Add a mini-Express support for exploration in the website of the Flash and streaming media files displayed on the icon to download function.
Add: Add the automatic update feature.
Add: FireFox add a link to download all the functions.
Added: "Download all links" inside the link selection dialog, add the left side of the High filtering options to facilitate users to quickly use this feature.
Add: Add the suspension can set the display window of the maximum speed of the function.
Add: Right-download menu, add the "tasks and documents to delete" function.
Add: Add a table-style window suspension.
Repair: Repair of the 1.1 version of the Mini Express and the 1.0 version of the BHO not compatible with the problem.
Repair: Baidu mp3 download time, if the Notes are behind. "" When, through the naming of the Notes will be removed from these points, user-friendly to rename. Thank Zhao strong.
Repair: Repair in Vista under the options panel inside "BT set up" the "home" does not appear integrity problems.
Change: When BHO made for the Notes unknown, the name used by the Notes, the Notes will be overlooked. This feature will be useful on some sites, for Zhao strong.
Change: Edit the download link in the name of the mandate to 16-band data that, it may be interpreted as garbled problem.
Change: Edit prompted a dialogue box, the title character does not show the full problem.
Change: Edit the FireFox download in less than a single link from the issue of the Notes.
Change: Edit the main panel hidden, if the suspension is in the main window pane was the location, but also has the following tasks, the mouse will appear at the time tooltip issue.
Change: Edit the Download link at all, the name and the link does not match the problem.
Fixed: that in the vista below can not drag the link to the issue of suspension window.
Change: Edit the server in a number of issues, the server told the client, the need to upgrade version, not-so many times the information, and will not override the other information.
Change: Edit the file name contains a torrent unicde code, the problem can not be resolved.
Change: Edit the mini-sometimes not withdraw from the bug.

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