Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FlashGet 2.0 Multi Language Final - Ads Free

FlashGet 2.0 Multi Language Final - Ads Free
To save a lot of Bandwidth and uneeded in/outbound Traffic
- Ads remove
- Stats Removed
- Random Banner suggestion removed


1. Install FlashGet original. Importand: Deselect all checkboxes by running the NSIS installer/setup (why? click here to read):
2. Delete under (FlashGet Program folder \modules and all subfiles\dirs) C:\Program Files\FlashGet Network\Flashget\modules
the following folders with its content under modules: Downstat (trace download stats + BT up/download stats), P4pclient (= right Banner Ads in the Gui + Top FlashGet Banner in Gui), SnapShot, SearchTop (Trace Search queries).

Under \modules folder should remain the dirs: ComHelper, FGXL_ENG (the language files to translate), Security (Av Scanner port if you don't have a on demand realtime scan engine in your AV Scanner), tasknotifier (this dll file is English translated in this download below)

Future more you can remove in FlashGet main install dir: BugReport.exe, BugReport.dll, dbghelp.dll, gt.exe and ed2kwrap.dll (there is no edonkey - eMule support now implemented)

in FlashGet.exe is removed:
- .cab files temp ads rotation download file
- kuanich Community Ads
- stats
- some spell correction such as in Gui DownloadManager (DownloadManage)
In Modules changed:
- SECURITY.dll > FreeAV Products URL include FlashGet's Rising to Global Rising DL
- tasknotifier.dll > Translated into English
- P4client.dll replaced with a dummy (folder can be also deleted)

Replace all files in Flashget dir with this Download: flashget20en-final-noAds.rar 674.58 KB - Mirror - DDL

As a Patcher

FlashGet must be by default installed under \FlashGet Network\Flashget

Manually delete thouse Folders under Flashget\modules:
SnapShot, SearchTop, Downstat

include the files:
SamplerCli.dll (phones collection in and out going to the net)
Downstat.dll (same thing)

New Patcher: 58.50 KB
with security module: 154.00 KB

Download Ads remover Patcher: 57.50 KB - Mirror - DDL

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