Saturday, August 2, 2008

eMule 0.48a BlackStar V0.9 (r3)

New emule mod BlackStar V0.9 (r3)by 3vil3y3 based on emulefuture V0.5

To access to the extra leecher features, there'a pass key required and the modder doesn't want give anyone the key. This mod has to be hacked.

Anyone please hack this mod that it do not more need the pass key to access the extra features!

Send hacked mod here as comment please!

BlackStar V0.9 by 3vil3y3 based on emulefuture V0.5******************************************
Main features:
BlackStar Optimized mod for especially long sessions & rare files (tested with 13 clients for 4 month :) )
3vil3y3 SuPm , Stronger , Dynamic & Smart Upload Manager
3vil3y3 Fakerank ,Powerfull fakerank (hard to detect)
3vil3y3 QsMaN , Smarter way for download Sharing
3vil3y3 Booster & reBooster , Smart & dynamic boost/reverse boost Mechanism
3vil3y3 Antileecher , Advanced Antileecher & Suspect Client Detect Mechanism
Modstring randomizer
Classic download sharing
Do not share incoming files & never send to server as file complete
Auto & Manuel Dropping
Adjustable Ban time , up to 90 hour ;)
Manual Kick & Ban
Z3r0 upload
All functions under user's control ;)
And many others .

****BlackStar v0.9 (r3) 13-06-2008 * OLD KEYS ARE DEAD NOW !!! *
-Added : allow only friends when zero upload ON "request" :)
-Added : allow good uploaders , gooduploaders dynamicly selected but only works when zero upload & allow uploaders ON
for better client filtering and better upload/download sessions "fast cycle"
-Added : Manuel client block option (not static for this public release)
-Fix : fixed buggy code part on QsMaN function because sometimes we given fakerank twist
-Removed : completly old internal bad client block ,because you dont need when suspect client detect ON
-Change : Suspect client detection now dynamic if remote suspect client uploading to us with good value no more suspect anymore but he/she turning to bad uplader position it's suspect again
-Added : Infinity Engine* "Still beta" > (taken from my new BlackStar V1.0 code name "Infinity")
-Changed : some code parts are changed for better chunck selection now works perfect ;)
-Added : upload values now adjustable 1500-8000 (1.5 Mb - 8 Mb) always kick option after this value
-Changed : Credit System slightly changed
-Added : Startup sound ( internal :) )
-Changed : SLS partially rewritten SLS [WiZaRd]
-Added : some security code parts *
-Added : added missing code for "Avoid Credits Accumulate faker" in URLclient [Spike2] (by Morph)
-Sooooooooo many codes changed .....

* Infinity is Secret :P
- And finally , Blackstar heavily armored this time , no chance for other leechers

****What's new BlackStar V0.9 "March-2008 revision"****
-Changed : z3r0 upload function , now blackstar sending rank info for antidrop & queue list clear now.
-Changed : Random modstring function (thanks to original !!! developer for new idea).
-Added : Don't ban reduce score option "in antileecher".
-Added : Suspect Client Detect Function , no more suspect client allowed :) upload=download :)
-Added : Leecher and suspect clients marked with colors
-Removed : Hidden bl@ckStar community opcode
-Old auth keys still valid for v0.9 (but not supported with new v1.0 "under the development")

****What's new BlackStar V0.9 "August-2007" (never released)****
-Added : Modstring randomizer because BlackStar modstring is Banned/Punished (reported by dlarge xxxx)
-Change :Some clientanalyzer codes are changed for antimodthief
-Added : Server Rotation ( 10 min. to 370 min. if timer is changed restart needed )
-Added : Don't share incoming folder & don't send to server as file complete
-Added : New style fakerank <>

Download eMule mod BlackStar HackMe : Download_BlackStar_V0.9.rar - Mirror
Here is the hack:
00449650 SBB EAX,-1
patch to:
00449650 XOR EAX,EAX

< - NOT THE PASSKEY CODE! The changes you have to do ("edit- assemble") in file EMULE.EXE - >
Thanks someone from icq

search replace instruction pdf may work Versions backwards and newer


Anonymous said...

I think I can remove the auth key with ollydbg. Let me see

Anonymous said...

no ! there is a new Beta

Anonymous said...

Here is the hack:
00449650 SBB EAX,-1
patch to:
00449650 XOR EAX,EAX

Anonymous said...

this key doesn't work.
One key is necessary.
Thx for your attempt.

Anonymous said...

00049650 33C0 XOR EAX,EAX

Anonymous said...

Can't figure out how to edit it in ollydbg. If you could give me the changes in RAW Offset Old Byte - New Byte, please

Anonymous said...

unfortunate, i can not follow what is to change. Please post Offset bytes to change

Anonymous said...

33C0 ??????????

Anonymous said...

33 C0 FF

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

33 C0 90

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!

Your crack work

Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trojan found :X

HeyMan said...

Where dooes it show the virus in the mod or in the patcher?
If its in the patcher engine, I used to build with diabolo's universal patcher. If dUp shown a false positive just install a better AV or life with false positve shown up by all patches ever done with dup (will be a few 1000). Feel free to download the patch creator engine and create a few patches with it:

Im not interested in your Kinderkram AV wenn es deratige Virenmeldungen zeigt wo keine sind sollte es der patch sein.

Du koenntest mal testen ob ZZ Ratio remover patch fuer zzul letzter version geht oder nicht und nen comment abgeben wenns funktioniert um daraus ein search replace patcher wird welcher auch auf andere versionen von ZZUL mod dann geht:

ZZ Ratio remover (for ZZUL 0.49b last version)


In case dUP show false positive just pack/protect it with armadillo exe protector then its away. : :

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